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St. John, Natalie

Superior Court Report Possible life sentence for female sex offender

- Recent significant cases from Pacific County Superior Court

Port seeks paperwork, state funds for sunken Lihue

- The Lihue isn't leaking anymore, but it's probably not leaving the Port of Ilwaco any time soon.

Hearthfire & Brimstone: Salads to savor: Fresh flavors combine for delicious treat

- A treatise on ‘sallets’ and ‘scoobies’ — how to make a salad you’ll want to eat

Best of the Blotter 2017

- We may not have much "big city crime," but that doesn't mean local dispatchers have time to do the crossword.

Sticky Fingers Through The Seasons: What we stole in 2017

- What we stole in 2017

‘Mr. and Mrs. Suspicious’ racked up action-packed 2017

- No matter the weather, 'suspiciou's people are out in Pacific County communities, getting up to no good.

Cop ‘victor’ in deadly shootout

- Ex-South Bend officer exhibits courage under pressure

‘To shot, or not’: Flu’s on the way


WASHINGTON — You better not cough. You better not sneeze. Cover your mouth. We’re begging you — Please! Flu virus is coming to town.

Cases of flu are starting to pop up all over Washington, and...

Hearthfire & Brimstone: Fancy Feast: A kid-friendly New Year’s dinner is the cat’s meow


“When you think of having a fancy dinner, what comes to mind?” I asked my 10-year-old stepson over breakfast the other day. You could have heard a blob of foie gras drop in the ensuing silence.


Mom ‘not guilty’ in baby’s death

- Immediately taken by ICE to Tacoma Detention Center for deportation to Mexico

Santa’s Cookie Conundrum

- St. Nick must be magic to survive all the treats

Men accused of raping unconscious woman

- Two formerly local Coasties are suspected of recording video as they raped an onconscious woman in September.

Grandma murderer get 50 years

- Frustrated house guest hatches plot to kill

Chinese mob blamed in huge pot bust

- A huge sting on illegal pot grows may be just the tip of the iceberg. Investigators believe that a network of Chinese-owned grows in Grays Habor and Pacific Counties could be bankrolling the activities of a Chinese criminal...

Hearthfire & Brimstone: Master the magic of melted cheese

- Settling in with science-cheese

O’ville battle reaches state appeals court

- Oyster farmer Dan Driscoll and the county prosecutor's office faced off in state appeals court on Nov. 28.

Don’t get stuck with a lemon

- The market is flooded with flood-damaged cars.

State snafu stifles county spending

- When legislators use crticial state money as a political pawn, locals suffer.

THAT SINKS: Tuna troller sinks in Ilwaco mooring basin

- 1939 vessel last registered to Astoria’s Arnold Services Inc.

Injuries result from complicated collision near Montensano

- Several county residents were involved in a three vehicle crash caused by a South Bend teen.

Elementary schoolers talk turkey


OCEAN PARK — There’s a lot to know about Thanksgiving. So the Observer enlisted the help of first-and-second-graders in Ms. (Michele) Frace’s class at Ocean Park Elementary School. They gave us a...

Wiegardt wins first Eugene Bolstad Award

- A local deputy received theMarine Corps League's first law enforcement award. The award is named after a state trooper who died in Long Beach while trying to save a drowning teen.