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St. John, Natalie

Ready, set, run: 2018 local races

- Several offices have multiple contenders

Judge order mental health evaluation for Ilwaco stabbing suspect


SOUTH BEND — Mitchell Marteeny, the Ilwaco man who allegedly stabbed three men last month, must undergo a mental health evaluation before his case can go any further.

Marteeny, 51, reportedly showed a patter...

U.S. Marshals won’t allow woman’s cane


TACOMA — A decision about an 84-year-old woman’s cane hinted at the cultural gap between federal courthouse personnel and Native American citizens who use the court system.

Everett resident and respe...

Chinook stand tall

- Tribe fills federal courtroom to keep recognition lawsuit alive

11-year sentence in Nemah home-invasion


SOUTH BEND — The young woman who shot up her grandmother’s house will spend nearly 11 years in prison.

On May 11, Sincer-A Marie Nerton, 19, of Naselle, pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery, first-d...

Missing-girl case turns into murder investigation

- Pacific County authorities participating as attention turns to finding who killed Lindsey Baum

Fugitive on parade: Heroin suspect busted at children’s event


ILWACO — Shortly after the last of the kiddie-floats and clown cars cleared the children’s parade route on May 5, the few remaining spectators witnessed a spectacle that was definitely not on the Loyalty Da...

Hearthfire & Brimstone: Thoroughly whipped: Miraculous meringue is cheap, versatile


People with time and money have always loved a good culinary bait n’ switch. The host of at least one medieval banquet served his guests a giant pie stuffed with live birds. Others served eels covered in marzipan,...

Safeguard our bear neighbors by removing temptations

- Spring is here, and the bears are back: Follow these tips from WDFW to ensure peaceful relations with our furry friends

Chinook fate up for federal hearing Tuesday

- Judge will consider U.S. motion to dismiss case brought by tribe

Using pistol as club ends knife fight


ILWACO — Two men were stabbed during an altercation with an allegedly mentally ill man on April 30.

The incident occurred shortly before 7 p.m. on Monday night at an apartment complex in the 100 block of Sec...

Go-cart case ends in guilty pleas

- Bail-jump financially crippled parents

Ilwaco stabbing sends men to hospital


ILWACO — Two men were stabbed while trying to subdue a would-be arsonist on Monday night.

The incident occurred shortly before 7 p.m. at an apartment complex in the 100 block of Second Avenue SW in Ilwaco, a...

Raising Lihue

- Tuna troller exhumed from watery grave

Risner leaving for Iowa job

- Beach school superintendent stayed four years

Ten injured in construction-zone pile-up

- Wahkiakum golf team shaken up

Appeals court sides with O’ville man

- County could still appeal to Supreme Court or drag feet on license

Charges filed in high-grading case

- WDFW lays out cases against Ilwaco charter skippers

Child rapist finds no sympathy

- Appeals court rejects all arguments by prisoner serving 100-year sentence

Hard place for babies

- A new report shows that residents in different parts of the state have radically different prospects. Pacific County rates low in many areas evaluated by the researchers.

Domestic squabble exposes powerful feelings

- Pushed beyond limit, woman resorts to novel weapons

Busted: Male victim allegedly beat by boobs

- Police report: ‘She ran forward into me with her breasts and it caused my head to bounce off the wall’

Hearthfire & Brimstone: Dandelions: Safe and (potentially) delicious wild food

- Dandelions: Safe and (potentially) delicious wild food

Runaway Ocean Park mom pleads guilty

- A woman who drove drunk with her kids in the car will face a short jail sentence and about $1,900 in fines. But if she screws up her probation, she will face much stiffer penalties.

No jail for county farmer

- Jimi O'Hagan was conivcted of felonies, but won't spend time in jail.

Wahkiakum man shoots at officers


CATHLAMET — A Wahkiakum County man was arrested last week on suspicion of shooting at three law enforcement officers, including the head of the Naselle State Patrol detachment. No one was injured.

The suspe...