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WA’s unemployment benefits website gets a facelift

Published on January 8, 2017 9:21AM

OLYMPIA — The Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) launched new online services for unemployment claimants and employers on Jan. 3.

The new “eservices” website is part of an upgrade to the agency’s unemployment benefits computer system. The site provides additional security and new self-service options for claimants and employers. It also provides a more user-friendly interface for ESD staff.

The web address is https://secure.esd.wa.gov/home/

Claimants need to call the Unemployment Claims Center at 800-318-6022 to reset their PINs to use the automated phone services. This also is the number to access assistance from the claims centers.

ESD’s Unemployment Claims Center has also added a new customer service team to help if people have trouble signing into the new system. People who need help signing in can call: 855-682-0785.

Unemployment benefits are available via debit card for those wishing to eliminate the hassle of paper checks.

Unemployment claimants are now able to do all of the following online:

• Apply for benefits;

• Submit weekly claims;

• Get information about benefits, including how much they’ll be paid and whether ESD has processed their payment;

• Read letters from ESD and other notices about their benefits;

• Change mailing or email addresses;

• Sign up for, change or cancel direct deposit;

• Check overpayment balances and pay the money back;

• Change Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for our phone system;

• Request federal income tax to be withheld or not withheld from benefits;

• Apply for training benefits and other programs;

• Respond to requests for additional information; and send questions.


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