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City of Long Beach Business Licenses

Published on November 8, 2017 6:54AM

Date Applicant Applicant Type Address Description Status

9/12/17 Lodestone Quarry Whlse and Retail 355 Bay Center Dyke Road, Bay Center Quarry Open

9/14/17 Whealdon Property Management LLC Rentals 1700 CA Apt 1, Long Beach Landlord Rentals Open

9/18/17 21st Century Tattoo Service 600 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach Tattoo Shop Open

9/19/17 Long Beach Hobo Antiques and More 105 13th Street SW, Long Beach Retail Open

9/21/17 Quill and Clover On-line Sales 2605 Washington Ave N, Long Beach Retail Open

9/22/17 Wolf Flower Flower Startslip 1004 40th Place, Seaview Retail Open

9/26/17 Atlantis Desilgn and Build, Inc Contractor 170 S Lincoln St, Ste 150, Spokane, Wa Contractor Open

9/29/17 Sea Heaven Rental 1014 142nd Lane, Long Beach Vacation Rental Open


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