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NWCA honors employee Jo-Ann Perry

Published on July 27, 2018 3:53PM

WARRENTON — Northwest Community Alliance has initiated a “Merit Award” to recognize outstanding performance by an employee.

“We are thrilled to announce that employee Jo-Ann Perry is the first recipient of Northwest Community Alliance’s Merit Award. Jo-Ann has worked for the organization for five years,” NWCA said in a press release.

“Jo-Ann truly exemplifies hard work and service,” said NWCA, which describes its mission as supporting individuals to develop a life of their choosing. “As an employee, she demonstrates the spirit of service by working tirelessly to advance the lives of people with developmental disabilities. She also exhibits this spirit of service with her family and with her community. In addition to her natural compassion, Jo-Ann is very real with her residents; she tells them ‘like it is’ without frills or sugar-coating. In this way, residents have learned to respect her and trust her suggestions.”

Because of the trust she creates, NWCA said “Jo-Ann is able to teach the residents life skills and creative ways to grow. The residents she works with learn to take control over their own lives. She epitomizes the vision and mission of Northwest Community Alliance. She never talks down to residents, she gives of herself while always setting respectful limits, and she is almost always there for the residents.”

Perry’s co-workers and managers spoke highly of her qualities. Her manager Cliff Lewis said, “Jo-Ann out-shines and out-performs almost everyone she works with. We all respect her and see every day how caring and real she is with the residents.”

For one reclusive resident, Jo-Ann worked hard to support a person whom others marginalized or ignored. She coaxed and persuaded the resident to begin to get out of his shell, go out more, meet people in the community, and even face strangers. The resident’s grandparents Stace and Hailey praised Jo-Ann as someone “who goes out of her way to support our grandson. God love her. There are not enough words to express how much she loves and supports our grandson.”


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