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Adrift adds Shelburne to hotel lineup

Published on January 2, 2018 1:56PM

Last changed on January 3, 2018 8:53AM

The Shelburne Inn in Seaview will be operated by Adrift Hotels, Inc. following remodeling expected to be complete in about a month.

Laurie Anderson photo

The Shelburne Inn in Seaview will be operated by Adrift Hotels, Inc. following remodeling expected to be complete in about a month.

LONG BEACH — Adrift Hotels, Inc. is the new operator the historic Shelburne Inn in Seaview.

The 15-room property on Pacific Way, which opened in 1896, features a restaurant and pub. Adrift also operates hotels in Long Beach and Seaside.

The Shelburne is owned by David Campiche and Laurie Anderson, who purchased the property in 1977. “As the longest owners, they have lovingly nurtured and refurbished the building and grounds for 40 years,” Adrift said in a press release announcing the new operating agreement.

Collaborative transition

“We feel that in some ways, this new adventure is a coming together of where everything began for us. I remember running around in the kitchen with my best friend, Michelle, whose parents (Ann and Tony Kischner), owned and operated the renowned Shoalwater Restaurant at the Shelburne. Brady and I grew up on the peninsula, and had our wedding reception at the Shelburne,” said Tiffany Turner, CEO and co-owner of Adrift Hotels, Inc. with her husband, Brady.

Turner said, “This is a collaborative transition of a beloved place that means so much to guests and our community. As new operators we are conscious of our responsibility as stewards of this hotel’s soul and historic integrity. We’re so excited to bring this piece of our history to modern travelers.”

The inn features iconic stained-glass windows and other elements acquired by Campiche in Great Britain during his years as an antique importer.

Shelburne history

The Shelburne has operated continuously for 121 years. The original owner, Charles Beaver, named the Victorian home and boarding house he built after the grand Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

“We are delighted to pass the torch to Tiffany and Brady Turner, who have their own connection to the Shelburne. They recognize, as we have, that the Shelburne is not just a building; that it has a life of its own, a past and a future. They understand the importance of preservation while creating a thriving business that will continue into the next century,” said Anderson.

Campiche and Anderson will continue to actively run China Beach Retreat, their Baker Bay-side property in Ilwaco.

Reopening soon

Adrift Hotels said it intends to restore the name back to the original Shelburne Hotel.

The hotel will close in January for renovation. When it re-opens in early spring, there will be three specific areas of the hotel amenities, according to Adrift’s press release:

• Fine-dining restaurant: “The restaurant will be fine-dining where culinary creativity will be encouraged with a monthly seasonal menu to reflect nature’s offerings. To start, the restaurant will be open only a few days a week.”

• Traditional pub: “At its heart will be a traditional pub serving simple, unfussy bites with a global twist. The pub will also offer classic cocktails and local brews, with traditional games for all to enjoy. The pub will be open 7-days a week.”

• Distinctive guest rooms: The 15-rooms guest rooms will remain, but they will be refreshed and updated to create something that feels familiar, yet unexpected. “Conceptually, we want to take them back in time, but modernized for today’s travelers,” Turner said. “Brady is the design architect and his creativity wheels are turning on how to meld styles and eras to create something that is timeless.”

Turner said, “The Shelburne Hotel will be a place that will retain its rich history, but is alive with new possibilities. It will be warm and welcoming to guests, and comfortable and friendly for locals who are looking for a neighborhood haunt.”

The Shelburne Hotel will take booking reservations in late January for early spring stays. The restaurant and pub are scheduled to open in February.

“We are doing this because we love the history and community that this place provides, and the people who have made this place what it is. They hold a very special place in our hearts and in our culinary journey. David and Laurie, Ann and Tony, Nanci and Jimella (former owners of the Ark Restaurant and Nanci and Jimella’s got their start on the Peninsula at the Shelburne Restaurant). These people all put their hearts and souls into making the Shelburne a fabric of the community. We want to respect their legacy by continuing to share this place, and give everyone the opportunity to experience and create their own adventures and memories at this wonderful hotel,” Turner said.


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