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Longview’s Teresa Purcell deserves our votes

Published on July 26, 2016 4:04PM

Teresa Purcell is a strong choice for the Washington State House of Representatives and deserves our support in the primary election that concludes next Tuesday, Aug. 2.

Purcell has some of the strongest credentials of anyone who has run for a 19th Legislative District seat, starting with the fact that she, her parents and grandparents have lived within district boundaries since 1943. Among many relevant items on her resume is the fact that she’s a founding board member of the Longview Public Schools Foundation — a sign of her commitment to our region’s youth.

Purcell understands and supports our area’s natural resource industries, while also seeing the need to diversify and strengthen our economy to give more local kids a path toward successful lives here. She has strong connections with Washington’s state and federal leaders, something that can help protect businesses like shellfish and forestry from ill-informed outside interference.

Southwest Washington, despite its many wonderful people and natural assets, has struggled for years. Although Purcell has a thorough knowledge of this place, she didn’t come up through the system by which District 19 legislators essentially name their own replacements. We need somebody in our delegation like Purcell, with new ideas and attitudes.

District veterans Dean Takko and Brian Blake are good guys who have worked their way pretty high into legislative leadership. Let’s elect Purcell to join them and shake things up.


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