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Early election results

Published on November 7, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on November 7, 2017 9:40PM

LONG BEACH — Two races are too close to call and others are fairly certain in today’s off-year election in Pacific County and Washington state.

With about a 32 percent turnout of registered voters, it’s clear many Pacific County citizens didn’t get around to casting ballots. Those who waited until today to mail ballots won’t see their results reflected until the final vote count next Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Key points so far:

• Pacific County’s one-quarter of one percent real estate excise tax for financing of capital projects was soundly rejected — 1,136 votes or 35.76 percent in favor versus 2,041 or 64.24 percent against.

• City of Long Beach’s transportation benefit district and a sales and use tax for transportation improvements was likely approved — 177 votes or 55.84 percent in favor versus 140 votes or 44.16 percent against.

• Ilwaco mayor election virtually tied — Sam Lund 81 votes or 49.69 percent; Gary Forner 82 votes or 50.31 percent.

• Port of Peninsula commission very close — Mary DeLong 716 votes or 50.74 percent; Dennis A. Long 695 votes or 49.26 percent.

• City of Long Beach City Council Member 4 — win for Kevin (Isa) Cline 151 votes or 58.53 percent; John Nechvatal 107 votes or 41.47 percent

• City of Long Beach City Council Member 5 — win for Holli Kemmer 212 votes or 71.86 percent; Mark Perez 83 votes or 28.14 percent.

• Although he was not on the ballot, state Sen. Dean Takko appears to be on his way back to chairing the Washington State Senate’s Local Government Committee. Democrat Manka Dhingra leads Jinyoung Lee Englund in 45th District Senate race. If Dhingra wins, it will return the Senate to Democratic control.


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