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Letters to the Editor for July 18, 2018

McClain is the clear choice

I have never endorsed a candidate for a county office in 20 years as your elected county clerk. In this case I feel I should share my personal knowledge with the voters so they do not go uninformed to the ballot box.

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Letters to the Editor for July 4, 2018

Elections make a difference

After a year and a half of Trump as our president, our country has experienced trillions of dollars gain in our stock market — and your 401k, retirement, or IRS accounts. Our military is again gaining back the...

Letter of Thanks for July 4, 2018

The Surfside Homeowners Association hosted its annual 18-hole Golf Tournament at the Surfside Golf Course on June 9. Net proceeds will fund scholarships for the Ilwaco High Class of 2019. Participation was wonderful and we are very grateful to all the...

Letters to the Editor for June 27, 2018

Political correctness run amok?

The new OPACC (Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce) policy about this year’s 4th of July parade seems like an overreaction to something in last year’s parade.

When there is an issue affecting...