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Letters to the Editor for March 15, 2017

Published on March 14, 2017 5:32PM

Learn of PUD plans

We know that there are questions about Pacific County PUD’s plan to provide electrical service to the Tokeland/North Cove/Grayland area. At the regular meeting of the PUD Board on March 21, staff will be presenting information on this plan to the board. This will be a part of our regular meeting. These meetings are open to the public and I would like to invite interested parties to join the board to hear the facts on this project. I believe that we are much more able to have good discussions on the pros and cons when we all have good information. The meeting is at 1 p.m., at the Pacific County PUD office located at 9610 Sandridge Rd. in Long Beach.

Diana Thompson

Ocean Park

Story not yet a story

It appears as if the Chinook Observer may have begun to fall into the same state of reporting as many of the larger media outlets have, in this case developing a story about something that has not happened yet, and may not happen. A little bit of hysteria concerning President Donald Trump’s Executive Order for a 120 day ban on all travelers from seven Middle Eastern countries known as centers of developing terrorism, has crept into the Chinook Observer news room.

In the case of the Ms. Ahani, coming from Tehran to the Peninsula to participate in an AiR event, it appears as if she has her Visa and can make her travel plans. She can show up at the airport and get in line with her credentials like everyone else. The number of additional detainees as a result of the Executive Order overwhelmingly support that she will get on the plane and be welcomed in the U.S., and in Oysterville.

If Ms. Ahani does get stopped and denied entry, and of course she won’t because of the judge’s ruling that halted the Executive Order and returned international travel to the US back to its previous state, then of course we would want to hear that story.

Also, is it not a journalistic standard and courtesy that first reference to a new character comes in the form of full name and occupation? Both Ms. Gable and Ms. Swanson’s first reference to the president of the U.S. is “Trump.” The office deserves respect, even if its occupant does not.

Scott Charlton

Ocean Park/Bend, Oregon

Where’s Jaime?

Many Long Beach Peninsula residents (voters) wish that our fourth-term U.S. representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, would appear in person to field questions and address our concerns at a town hall.

Rep. Beutler seems to prefer telephone town halls (sometimes quickly announced and conducted), community coffee meetings, or sending surrogates to communities in her district.

That’s not sufficient. Her predecessor, Brian Baird, conducted more than 300 town hall meetings during his 12-year tenure. Many were held in Long Beach, where residents (voters) were free to ask tough questions and Brian agreed or disagreed with their viewpoints. It was truly democracy in action.

Rep. Beutler, however, hasn’t shown up here, except for fundraisers, meetings with local Republicans, or gatherings of specific targeted groups.

In a recent letter to us, Rep. Beutler claimed that “I value your feedback and opinion … It’s important that you get the chance to talk directly (emphasis ours) to your member of Congress…”

We’re providing an opportunity for her to live up to her claims.

We will establish a venue for her appearance, locate nonpartisan individuals to moderate, and handle all other logistical matters sometime during her forthcoming April 10-21 Congressional recess.

While Rep. Beutler may have made personal town hall appearances in counties such as Clark, Cowlitz, Klickitat, Lewis, Skamania, Wahkiakum and Thurston, she seems to have forgotten Pacific County with its 20,000 residents, many of us elderly voters.

Pacific County constituents — Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others who agree with the need for a Beutler personal appearance, can call her Washington or Vancouver offices, send a letter or postcard, email her, or show up at her doorstep to express their concerns.

Try 1107 Longworth HOB, Washington D.C. 20515 202-225-3536 or c/o General O.O. Howard House, 750 Anderson Street, Suite B, Vancouver, WA 98661 360-695-6292. Or http://herrerabeutler.house.gov/contact/. Or herrerabeutler.emanager.house.gov. Or WA03.HerreraBeutler@mail.house.gov.

U.S. representatives pay most attention to phone calls and postcards, less to emails and petitions.

This event will be sponsored by DoGoodnics, a Peninsula nonprofit agency.

Gwen and Robert Brake, Ocean Park, Judy Dawson, Long Beach, Karen Engstrom, Oysterville, Ann Reeves, Long Beach, Mary Steller, Rosburg, Deborah Wells, Ocean Park


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