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Letters of Thanks for Aug. 9, 2017

Published on August 8, 2017 3:46PM

The Ocean Park Food Bank is very indebted to Harry and Mickey Schmalle and George Nelson for cleaning and bagging over 30 tuna which we received from the recent Deep Canyon Challenge. This intrepid trio​ has volunteered their time for many years, providing a special treat to clients of the Ocean Park Food Bank.

Michael Goldberg, President

Ocean Park

Here it is almost midsummer and I’m just now getting around to a thank you for all of the hard work done by the Food 4Kids volunteers during the past school year. The Long Beach Food 4Kids Backpack program was able to feed 136 children thanks to the volunteers and the generous donations.

The Long Beach Elks Lodge, in partnership with the Presbyterian Church served the Long Beach Elementary, Hilltop Middle School, Ilwaco High School and the Alternative school. This means that we are now serving the children from Long Beach, Ocean Park, Surfside and Chinook. QUITE A TASK!

Shopping for food, picking up and filling backpacks on Thursdays and returning them to the schools filled with nutritious food for the weekend is not a thankless job as it is so appreciated by the children and their families.

Kudos to the Peninsula community for their generous food and monetary contributions. Now serving children of the entire Peninsula we found our funds were dwindling as the purchase of backpacks and the food ran upwards of $20,000. Next year we are looking at spending $30,000 due to an increase in food and children.

I want to send my heartfelt thanks to the employees of Wauna Bank. Knowing of our shortage of funds the employees donated a portion of their earnings and sent us a check for $2,500. They have pledged to continue to assist us this coming year. What an asset to our community!

Certainly last by not least I want to acknowledge Ada Clayton and Allison Domes who are in charge of the project and Don Itterley who is always helping by faithfully appearing early on Thursday mornings to open the lodge for us. Without all these folks we could not endeavor to continue to feed the children.

Natalie Hanson

Long Beach


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