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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 18, 2017

Published on October 17, 2017 3:23PM

Support Dennis Long

Michael and I strongly support Dennis Long for the position of Port of Peninsula District Commission Position #2. Dennis has a long-standing history of service on the Long Beach Peninsula. His professional expertise and his commitment to our community is well known. We would like to speak from our personal experience with Dennis. We have known Dennis and Kathy for over 16 years. We could not think of a better-qualified person to manage the Port of Peninsula. Dennis not only brings a professional level of management but he is an innovator and a problem solver. Those are the qualities we need for the port. We are so pleased that he has decided to run for this position and encourage you to vote for Dennis Long.

Michael and Gail Baer

Ocean Park

Elect Mary DeLong

I am enjoying my time as commissioner for the Port of Peninsula since being appointed in June. I have 20 years of experience with our local ports and am glad to be able to utilize this knowledge to help guide and plan and set policies as your commissioner. We have talented staff in place and a comprehensive scheme that addresses the needs of our commercial users and provides local and recreational opportunities. Please vote for the experience and knowledge I offer as a resource.

Mary DeLong

Port of Peninsula Commissioner District #2

Scamans support Long

My wife and I are very pleased to endorse Dennis Long for the Port of Peninsula commission position. We have known Dennis for over 20 years and have found him to be extremely intelligent and capable. He works well with others and can be trusted to keep his word. Dennis is a person who can solve complex problems and will take the best possible course of action. We urge you to vote Dennis Long for Port of Peninsula position 2.

Dr. Ron and Wilma Scaman

Long Beach

DeLong best choice

Decades of work and hands on experience makes good decision making easier. Mary DeLong is the best candidate for Port Commissioner #2. We are lucky that she is willing to continue her service. The loss of her institutional memory would be tragic, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Terri Staples

Ocean Park

Prioritize our defenders

I believe a man wearing a helmet defending our country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football.

Nick Glanschneg


Joyce was right

My thanks to James Joyce of Seaview for his incredible grasp of the immigration problem. Someone who can look at both sides of the story and come up with a proper solution. I agree whole heartedly with his solution and it is time to build the wall, stop all illegal immigration and start deportations! I came to this country as a legal immigrant, took citizenship and learned the language. It is criminal that you have illegals who have been here for 10-plus years and still can’t speak the language or assimilate into our culture. The latest disaster is that our former president allowed Australia to push him into taking a large number invaders (Muslims) who their governments would not allow into their country! Is this not insanity??

There are many of us who feel this way, some are afraid to speak up because they have business and others who do not wish to be labeled racist or whatever the latest label is.

We need to take back our own country and the sooner the better.

Edie Faylor


Vote for better streets

The roads in Long Beach are in poor shape. I notice the potholes and cracks in the pavement as I drive around our city. Everyone does. Our guests at Boreas Inn mention that the roads could use a little work. I have had guests ask if the City cannot afford to fix the roads.

There is a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) sales tax increase proposal on your November 7th ballot asking for a 0.2 percent increase in sales tax. That is a mere two cents more on a $10 purchase for those who shop and dine in the city of Long Beach. You will not pay that tax on groceries, prescriptions, gas, mortgage payments or rent, the important, expensive purchases. A $399 lawnmower with the current tax is $430.92 and with the increase would be to $431.72, an 80 cent increase. And for that tiny increase, you will get better roads in Long Beach!

Many of the individuals who will pay that tax in Long Beach are visitors who will find the increase painless and invisible. Our visitor “competition” in Walla Walla has an excise rate of 8.9 percent and Seattle’s is about 9.9 percent. As a member of the Long Beach Peninsula Visitor’s Bureau Board, we speak of the “visitor experience” on the Long Beach Peninsula that helps to keep many of us in food, mortgage and clothing either directly or indirectly. All businesses are affected by tourism, even medical and dental offices who treat residents who derive and pay their bills from income derived visitors to our area. If we want everyone to have a good visitor experience and a good “product” to sell we must improve our infrastructure.

For those who do not care about the “visitor experience”, notice your own personal experience driving around on our Long Beach roads. I had to purchase new tires at 16,000 miles. It’s a lot cheaper to pay $.02 more on a $10 burger than buy new tires.

In 22 years of doing business I have never had a guest complain about the excise tax rate in Long Beach. I cannot complain about a .2 percent increase, nor will they. Better roads are a better deal for residents and visitors alike in Long Beach, WA. Please vote for this 0.2 percent TBD tax increase. It won’t hurt you or the visitors who pay it.

Susie Goldsmith

Boreas Bed & Breakfast Inn

Long Beach

Operate within budget

To be clear, the proposal of a Transportation District by the mayor and city council that will increase the sales tax in Long Beach, will affect less than 10 percent of my business. Not so for my neighbors. Any retail business that sells items other than groceries (food) will be affected. In my opinion to make the sales tax higher in the City than it is in Seaview, Ilwaco and Ocean Park is absurd. Our customers don’t need another reason to leave the city to shop. Now I won’t argue that some of our streets need to be redone or patched to give them a longer life. I will argue that a ten year extra sales tax is not the answer.

The reason we are in this position is that the city has not planned and budgeted over the years to add extra dollars to the fund to repair roads. This year they decided to make a plan that would either be a tax on vehicles or an extra sales tax. They decided on the sales tax! They decided not to make budget cuts in other departments and not to work within their current revenue stream. This mayor and city council will be the first, the first ever, to come to the citizens for a tax to solve their management of our dollars. This same mayor and council just hired two new employees that cost our city, with benefits, over $100,000. They are probably good employees and may be needed, but if you are in business and your roof needs to be repaired and you would like to have a couple of new employees, you choose to take care of your roof first and hire new employees later. This is about allocation of dollars and where they are needed the most.

There is an answer! The sales revenue in the city has been up every year for a multitude of years. None of those extra dollars have been allotted toward our roads. This year, because of the increase in minimum wage $1.53 per hour (and another .50 increase next year), and product price increases from our suppliers for the same reason, virtually every business has raised each item in their store. With increase prices comes an increase in taxes paid to the city. I propose this year that the city take those increase in dollars, reevaluate their budget in each department and apply those funds to our streets. The city of Long Beach needs to live within their revenue stream just like each of us do. We do not need to have big government in our city.

After four years on the Planning Commission and twelve years on the Long Beach City Council, I understand their budget. What they have to do is what our senior citizens have had to do. With virtually no raises is Social Security the last few years, they have to live within their means. Join me in voting no for the Long Beach Transportation District.

Ralph Moore

Long Beach Candy Man

Buchanan for SB council

Daryle Buchanan is a natural for city council. A lifetime resident, Daryl loves this city and the county. As a neighbor, I have come to know, like and respect Daryle and his wife Linda Buchanan, a long time teacher in South Bend. I find Daryle to be a fountain of information about South Bend and the area, I also find him to be a thinker and highly knowledgeable about many things. What Daryl does not know or understand he finds the answer, as he is a researcher with a curious mind.

His experience in construction and his understanding of systems and mechanics will stand the city in good stead, as the city wrestles with a myriad of infrastructure challenges. Daryle Buchanan asks questions, and if the answers are not forthcoming, he doggedly seeks the correct answer. He is the most inquisitive man I know, and that is an asset for a public servant. When he and I disagree on an issue, I have to be accurate with my position, as Daryle will research and come back to me. Often he changes my mind and he will often adjust his position. This is a mark of an open mind and critical thinker.

Daryle Buchanan cares deeply about the people in this town, he appreciates those in office and the work the city employees do. He, a thinking man, is concerned with the future, a future with dwindling resources due to state and federal policies. He wants to be in a position to help the town meet the challenges coming down from state and federal initiatives. He is the man for such a task, I mentioned his curiosity, and he is great in getting the opinions and solutions others may have regarding an issue, because he is a good listener and always seeks truth. Daryle Buchanan is a problem solver and is a master at getting to the heart of the matter, he knows that unless you understand a problem and its ramifications, you cannot find a solution.

Daryle Buchanan is smart, caring, curious, hardworking and a man of the people, he has my vote for Position Number One on the city council. Regardless of your political affiliation, it will be in your best interest to vote for this son of South Bend, Daryle Buchanan.

Chris Thompson

South Bend

Cline for LB council

I am endorsing Isa Parker Cline for city council. I was fortunate enough to meet Isa when I worked at Long Beach Retirement. Observing him working with the residents, he showed patience, integrity, intelligence and compassion. Qualities that serve him well as a volunteer firefighter and qualities he will no doubt put to good use as city councilman. Thank you,

Tami Anfinson


Shore Patrol successful

The Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association, hosted and coordinated their 46th Annual Beach Cleanup, known as Operation Shore Patrol, on Sept. 16 and 17. This is a volunteer effort that cleans over 60 miles of the Washington Coastline, from Ocean Shores and Westport to the Long Beach Peninsula. The Beach Cleanup began in 1971 and has been a club project that included a few 4 wheelers. It has expanded to include three regions of the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association. Joining the 4-wheelers are many organizations such as Good Sams, Telephone Pioneers, Tribal Nations, Scouts, youth groups and schools. Many interested individuals and businesses also join the effort. Participants come from Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock, Yelm, Yakima, St Helens, Vancouver, Burbank, Roy and Gladstone. They traveled a total of 4,688 miles to assist with this effort.

The Trailbreakers, Inc., a Longview 4 Wheel Drive Club, collected door prizes in Chinook, Long Beach, Ocean Park, Seaview and llwaco. We wish to thank the following establishments for their generous contributions: Adelaide’s, Bensons, Candy Man, Capt. Bob’s Chowder House, Castaways, Chens, Chinook Observer, Cottage Bakery, Dennis Company, Doc’s Tavern, Driftwood R. V. Park, Fun Land, Hungry Harbor, Gallettis, Jacks, Fun Beach Speedway, Long Beach Tavern, Loose Caboose, The Lost Roo, Marsh’s, Mostly Hats, NAPA Car Parts, NIVA, Olde Towne Trading Post, Pioneer Market, Port Side Restaurant, Road House Restaurant, Salts, Scoopers, Sid’s, Streetside Taco, The Bead Shop, The Corral and the World Wind of Kites. Without the generosity of these merchants the volunteers would receive a “Thank you” for a job well done and that is all.

The Pacific Northwest will again host the next Beach Cleanup on Sept. 15 and 16, 2018.

The Trailbreakers, Inc.


Reasons to elect Long

Reasons why I vote Dennis Long for Port of Peninsula Commissioner Dist. 2, and you should too:

I have had the pleasure of working for Dennis for over 18 years, as he was president of Bank of the Pacific brought on by our own Sid Snyder. Unlike most company presidents, I got to know Dennis personally — because he takes pride in getting to know the people he works with. In his 46 years of work experience made up of budgeting, financial management, investments, finance and economic background, comprehensive/strategic planning, and leadership he has dialed in skills that will bring a new level of fresh ideas to the Port of Peninsula.

Dennis is highly motivated to succeed at anything he sets his hands to, using his motivational & negotiation skills; but he has the added element of wisdom, thoughtfulness, and compassion when working with others. He cares and he shows it. He grew up in a small community, the son of small business owners, and he understands the importance of public, private, and nonprofit partnerships. He understands teamwork, commitment, and he takes pride in his work. He understands our community and the importance of its industries.

He is committed, he has already played major roles in bringing in the Grays Harbor College Annex and obtaining Foundation grants and public support for the World Kite Museum Building-to name a few. He is committed; he’s been married for 45 years, raised three children. He is committed to the economic viability of the Port of Peninsula.

I have the utmost respect for his character and am proud to call him friend. There is no better choice!

Melissa Ramsey



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