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Letters of Thanks for Nov. 22, 2017

Published on November 21, 2017 5:03PM

Lost Tuxedo Cat found!

Thanks to everyone who looked for and prayed for my lost cat. Thanks to your help, he was found! Special thanks go to Barb Phelps from SPCHS, Andrea from Ferrell Gas, Peninsula Sanitation staff, PUD staff, Long Beach Police and Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. Thanks to this community Meow Meow is back home!

Susan Kurtz


Thank you to all of you that helped and voted for me during the campaign for the office of Port Commissioner District #2 Port of Peninsula. Each and every vote and effort made the difference!


Ocean Park

Congratulations from Long to DeLong

My compliments go out to Mary DeLong for running a clean campaign and winning the Port of Peninsula District #2 Commissioner race fair and square. In today’s political world we see too often where candidates work hard to bring their opposition down in order to elevate themselves.

A huge thank you to all who helped with my campaign, including several who took time to write “Letters to the Editor” in support of me. I’m truly a blessed person to have so many great friends.

I attended this past week’s Port of Peninsula meeting to congratulate Mary, and at the same time, offer to help the port with a few things that have the potential to save money for our Port as well as a couple of things that may improve commerce.

To be clear, though, I’ve never had any particular issues nor am I concerned about our port’s viability. It’s doing just fine under the oversight of our Commissioners and Jay Personius. What I am suggesting is I can still help our Port (for free) in ways I had intended as a commissioner. They seemed receptive.

Again, my sincerest appreciation is extended to all that endorsed me, helped me erect the six campaign signs, and for all the supporting votes I received. What a great place this is to live and enjoy life!

Dennis A. Long

Ocean Park

ReachOut Ministries wishes to express their deep gratitude to all our volunteers who work at ReachOut Thrift Store. Your unending faithfulness in stocking shelves, pricing items and serving our customers keeps our ministry going. To our valued customers, we are so grateful to you as well. We would never be able to provide finances to the many different youth organizations that we do without your many donations and also purchases. We pray you all have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

ReachOut Ministries Board



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