Letters to the Editor for Feb. 7, 2018

Published on February 6, 2018 2:29PM

Last changed on February 6, 2018 2:30PM

Sheriff did what he could

Had a good conversation with Sheriff Scott Johnson. (See “No shows” deserved better treatment,” Jan. 31, 2018.) He did send out an officer. Because Pacific Transit didn’t convey the urgency of the situation, the officer is not allowed to enter the house. He officer did what he was allowed to do … knock on doors, look in windows, holler their names. When no response, the officer left.

I was shocked that the officer’s hands were tied legally. To me a wellness check means finding out exactly what is going on with the occupants. So legally, no entry.

Pacific Transit apparently didn’t hear back from the deputy so there was a hole in communication. Sheriff Johnson said that is a new recruit and he is very sick over the whole situation and is being beaten up pretty badly over this. Is there anyway we can correct this? The sheriff’s office did what they legally could do. Because the door wasn’t locked it truly looked like no one had checked the place out, and Pacific Transit didn’t convey the urgency.

Correction! My husband realized it was not Tuesday, as reported in my last week’s letter about the wellness checks of the elderly couple that he asked for a wellness check, but it was Wednesday on his lunch hour around noon. We sincerely apologize for this. It was not intentional. After reviewing the call logs, he realized his mistake. In our opinion, we hold the Sheriff’s Department blameless. They did everything that they could.

On a bright note. The elderly lady’s health is improving and she is starting to become herself again (though still a little confused). We would like to thank the nurses and doctors of OBH for their excellent care.

Karen Luton-Poellnitz


A 2018 wish list

Donald Trump’s elaborately staged State of the Union address seemed surreal in many respects, but my 2018 wish list may be more palatable.

America would be a better country if: race was never an issue, immigrants were welcomed, cancer had a cure, diversity was valued, everyone respected facts, and traffic jams were inconceivable.

America would be “great again” if: we didn’t need jails, rude people could be ticketed and fined, everyone loved to learn for the sake of learning, apathy was unheard of, and big-band songs made the top 40.

I’d find it wonderful if we could not only teach old dogs new tricks, but make them computer-literate, children didn’t have to worry, all parents were good ones, and grandparents spent more time with grandkids.

I’d want children to look up to Mother Teresa as much as they do to Taylor Swift or Britney Spears.

I’d fervently hope that America’s leaders would regard global warming as potentially cataclysmic—and did something about it.

And I’d welcome a new focus on things that really matter — child care, education, health care for all, science, the arts, prevention of violence, prison reform, caring for the homeless, and reducing hunger and poverty — rather than focusing so much attention on our individual need for “more.”

Hamlet discussed a “consummation devoutly to be wished,” but my wish list remains something to ponder, don’t you think?


Ocean Park

Fifty years ago…

Cadet Bone Spurs, the Insulter in Chief astounds me, but not as much as his loyal followers. Like the bully he is Don is great at calling people names Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary to name two. His followers won’t believe he called Haiti and Africa “shit Holes”. And if he did, so what? Are you kidding me, did no one notice Candidate Trump flapping his arms and making fun of a disabled reporter, labeling Mexicans criminals, rapists and a drain on the economy. What else do you need to know about the guy?

It is 1968 and a 21-year-old marine, a Mexican from Texas, wiry, cheerful and scrappy, with a swagger larger than his slight build, battled North Vietnamese Regulars on Highway 1. His comrades were awed by his bravery and disregard for his own safety as he and a black gunnery sergeant took out a machine gun nest in the open in a rice paddy, then organized his ambushed platoon and got them to safety. The following day in the city of Hue he again displayed uncommon courage under deadly fire, until he was felled by a direct hit in the abdomen and quietly died in the night with a fellow Marine from his outfit Alpha 1/1 holding his hand. Where was Cadet Bone Spurs?

A young black lance corporal from the 3rd Marine Division jumped on a grenade that is tossed into his position with his fire team. Fortunately the grenade was a dud, and the Marine received the Bronze Star; should have been the Medal of Honor in my opinion, he didn’t know it was a dud. His fire team, three white Marines know black lives matter. Cadet Bone Spurs was too busy to take a knee and serve with these gallant kids.

Trump followers, purported patriots and Christian Evangelicals, have no problem with Trump “grabbing them by the pussy, his lies, criminal behavior (Trump University), disregard for the poor and working class, five deferments from the draft, and his disdain for the constitution, press or other time tested institutions that made America great.

Fifty years later, we are still at war, still the wrong war for the wrong reason (Thanks Bush and Obama). Young men and women still sacrifice and exhibit valor. Cadet Bone Spur, many Americans, especially Trump supporters don’t care. Support the troops? Empty words. Just take a knee.


South Bend

Trump doing fine

In response to the letter by Paul Flues, all I can say is what ever he is smoking over there in Astoria it must be strong stuff. His rambling attempt at attacking the President of the United States failed miserably.

Since Trump took office the economy has boomed. Lower taxes are paying off by companies paying bonuses to their non management employees,hundreds of companies are raising wages, and hiring hundreds of thousands of new workers. Apple just announced that due to the new tax rate, they are bringing back over 300 billion dollars from their overseas accounts and will invest in new manufacturing and technology centers here in America and will hire thousands of new American workers. Trump immediately started removing stupid regulatory blockades that hindered companies from opening new businesses. This alone has created thousands of new jobs. Many of these new jobs are going to black and Hispanic workers. And yes, black employment is at an all time high.

So if the obstructionist Democrats will actually do what they are getting paid to do and work with this president on infrastructure the entire country will benefit. But I really doubt the Democrats in Congress will cooperate because like Mr. Flues they simply hate the man and won’t try to do good things for the citizens of this great country.

Richard Cicerelle

Ocean Park


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