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Letters to the Editor for March 14, 2018

Published on March 14, 2018 8:03AM

Re-elect Mark McClain

As your former Pacific County prosecutor, District Court judge, and, most recently, Superior Court judge (retired), I write to endorse Mark McClain for another four years as our community’s prosecutor. Because I am retired, I can endorse Mark McClain.

Mark is an experienced, capable, honest, and battle-tested prosecutor. I can tell you as someone who has walked in his shoes for eight years — Experience matters. Prosecutors hold criminals accountable. This affects your safety as you walk our streets. The prosecutor is also the corporate attorney for the county. Mark is a competent attorney in both areas. We are fortunate to have someone of Mark’s caliber serving our community. He is a proven, capable, dedicated public servant able to manage the office and protect our community. As someone honored by my community’s tremendous support for so many years as your prosecutor and judge,

Mark has earned, yes earned, my trust and respect. He has appeared before me in hundreds of criminal matters. Mark presented careful and thoughtful legal arguments. He treated all persons present with respect. When you combine his experience and toughness with these other necessary qualities, my endorsement is on “rock-solid ground.” Please consider Mark McClain when you cast your vote. I invite you to join me in re-electing Prosecutor Mark McClain. Respectfully submitted,

Michael J. Sullivan

Pacific County Superior Court Judge (retired)

Way to go, IHS!

Congratulations to Ilwaco’s Knowledge Bowl participants and kudos to the Chinook Observer for placing this positive article on the front page above the fold.



Reality of school safety

Here we go again — ad nauseum — regarding school shootings, gun control and the “evil” NRA.

I feel compelled to respond to last week’s letter submitted by Mr. Ned Heavenrich, entitled, “Stop the madness.”

I am in total agreement with him when he refers to the recent Florida school shooting as a “school massacre.” I am also in agreement when he states that “Nothing has been done to rid ourselves of this menacing issue.” That is where any additional agreement with him stops.

Mr. Heavenrich’s letter is right out of the Democrats’ “playbook,” which gets displayed while the bodies of the victims are still warm. Once again, the Dems have utilized a horrific event in an attempt to further their continuing disarmament agenda one piece at a time. The Democrats hijacked this horrific event and manipulated the survivors into political activists. They don’t really care about the survivors as much as they do about furthering their illegal, anti-civil rights movement. These surviving students have become the classic “useful idiots” of the left. People like yourself are assisting this movement with your publicly stated position — which you have every right to do under our First Amendment, as long as you do not violate federal law, and the rights of others.

Our Second Amendment guarantees that you continue to have that right to express your opinion, sir. Did you know that the “evil” NRA’s legislative efforts fight continuously to safeguard our Bill of Rights? Did you know that the NRA is the oldest civil rights group in this country? Having said that, does this knowledge irritate certain body parts? Not to worry. “Preparation H” will help with that.

This horrific incident had nothing to do with the NRA! This incident was the unfortunate manifestation of a failed local and federal system. There were at least 49 — possibly more — warnings to the sheriff’s office regarding the statements and possible actions of this suspect. None were acted on. The federal background process had not been alerted to this suspect because local law enforcement didn’t do its job by informing them. This negligence is presently being investigated. There is further investigation into a federal program initiated by President Obama, and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, called “Promise.”

Basically, it was a program to “cook” statistical information whereby black students were allowed to commit crimes in school without getting arrested so as to make it look like black students were not the majority of criminal suspects committing criminal activity. Those schools, and local law enforcement agencies who cooperated, would receive federal tax dollars in return. It appears that this may have been the case in Broward County, Florida, where the most-recent school shooting happened. Could this be a reason that none of the suspect’s activities were reported? Again, this issue is being investigated as I write this. Is this another part of the “Obama Legacy”? (Yes, I know, the suspect was white in this case.)

The ineffective tactics of the first responding officer/s are in serious question.

Sworn police officers have a “duty to act” under the law. It appears that the first officer on scene effectively contacted his agency and gave a situation report in a timely manner, However, he failed to take any aggressive action towards the suspect, either via cowardice or department protocol — which are presently under investigation. This time lag allowed the suspect to continue his rampage and kill more innocent students. This is shameful and unforgivable. For what it’s worth, my heart goes out to those victims and their families.

So let’s consider some effective, legal solutions which do not violate any civil rights:

President Trump can order all school jurisdictions to budget for more physical security, or lose federal tax dollars.

The below listed measures should be enacted:

l. Provide metal detectors at the main school entrances.

2. Have a minimum of two qualified armed security/police officers on the premises during normal school hours.

3. Have cameras installed at the main entrances, and other critical areas.

4. Install more effective locks on school rooms.

5. Have effective emergency “lock down” plans in place, and practiced.

6. Have qualified student counselors on board who can be available if a student begins to talk and act in threatening ways, and to notify the local police if necessary.

7. Encourage students to report suspicious activity by others.

8. Teachers who voice an interest in being armed can be trained in the legal use of force, and effective firearms deployment.

These tactics will work to minimize these horrific events. Our schools have historically been “soft” targets. The shooters know this. That is why they attack them. The people of Israel have armed some of their teachers and have provided armed security for their schools for years. They have effectively minimized their problems. We should learn from them.

Hopefully, President Trump will force the schools to install these options.

Hopefully, in the near future, Mr. Heavenrich, you can be secure in your school where these options have been acted upon so you can continue to peddle climate change; political correctness; Common Core, and socialism to our youth on our tax dollar.

These solutions are legal and effective even though they do not help further the Democrat agenda of disarmament, and violate our civil rights. We know what these socialist/communist cronies are up to. Instead, the safety of our kids must come first and foremost, not an un-American agenda utilizing them as “stalking horses.”




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