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Published on July 17, 2018 2:59PM

Help find glass floats

On June 23 at about 1:15 a.m., a male suspect was spotted removing four glass balls and a propeller from our property. The propeller was recovered from Jonathan’s Jewelers in Astoria two days later and reported to Astoria police. The glass balls are still missing. Any information of the whereabouts is appreciated. Please contact Deputy Dustin Eaton with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office, 360-642-9404.

Ronda Christoph

Ocean Park

Vote for Howie

As residents of Wahkiakum County we feel that Mark Howie has done an outstanding job as sheriff. His knowledge and integrity of the job has made our county a safer place to live. We are proud to call him our friend.

Ray and Ora Loraine Bauer


Frasier for Legislature

Erin Frasier is the best and strongest candidate for 19th Legislative District representative. Erin has no hidden agenda. She is running to be a positive representative of all of the citizens of the 19th LD. Erin is bright, grounded, and thoughtful. She is a west Lewis County native with life-long local experience which enables her to truly understand the unique culture of our area.

Her opponent, Jim Walsh, has campaign signs scattered about the area indicating he is for jobs. Yet, Grays Harbor and Pacific counties consistently are among the counties with the highest unemployment in the state. In a Dec. 15, 2017 article in the Daily World, Walsh touts himself as a conservative voice for rural Washington. We do not need a conservative voice. We do not need a liberal voice. We need an effective voice that can be heard and will represent ALL the people of our rural area.

In the same article Walsh stated that he “is not concerned about Erin’s endorsements because “the majority come from partisan left people.” As a “partisan left person” it is apparent that Walsh is purposely divisive. Erin is not.

I also question Walsh’s political courage. He recently was a no-show at a candidate forum in Raymond. He apparently didn’t like who was sponsoring the event so he decided not to show or even cancel after he said he would attend. Character counts.

This is a great opportunity to elect a positive, inclusive, very capable representative. Vote for Erin Frasier. She will not disappoint.


South Bend

Issue with Nogueira

I wanted to take issue with Pam Nogueira Maneman’s blog posts. She asserts Mark McClain isn’t really a “tough but fair” prosecutor and cites a case that involved my son.

I feel that there are details that should be known because she is not telling the real story. Perhaps it’s just politics, but she is far from being honest with our community.

While I agree that the sentence of three days was entirely unacceptable, I also feel that Pam wants to lay the blame solely at Mark’s feet in order to score political points. Perhaps that is inexperience or just her trying to find anything to make herself look good, but this case was actually handled by Eric Weston, the other candidate in the prosecutor’s race that no one has really heard of. Mr. Weston let me down. While I will admit I had previously discussed aspects of a plea agreement in order to protect my son from having to go through the trial process, the terms of the deal were never discussed with me, which is something I wrote to the Judge to explain.

Mr. Weston’s response absolutely disgusted me. In summary, Mr. Weston’s Sentencing Memorandum explained he felt the victim was generally a “fearful young man ripe for bullying” and thus when “the defendant with special needs who held a pocket knife to the victim’s neck was not acting with assaultive intent, but instead merely brandishing a knife to cause fear and apprehension in the victim that he would have been cut.” Mr. Weston then admitted he had not discussed the length of the sentence with me, and said, “I stand by the plea agreement, but I also recognize the increasing fallibility of my memory.” It remains unclear how Mr. Weston could see holding a knife to another’s neck threatening to cut the person is not assault, but to lay blame at the victim asserting he was particularly susceptible to bullying is terrifying to me, and should be to you. Prosecutors are here to protect our community and Mr. Weston failed.

Mark McClain immediately addressed this issue with me, apologizing for the incident and Mr. Weston was removed from prosecuting felony offenses and reassigned to the civil unit. Even though Mark McClain was not the person directly responsible for this unacceptable plea deal, he stepped up, apologized and took appropriate corrective action. That, to me is the perfect representation of leadership. While both of the other candidates seem to want to say Mark micro-manages the office, clearly Mark needed to ensure actions like this never occur again.

I support having a “tough but fair” prosecutor and after my personal experience with Mark McClain I believe he is the right person for this position.

I look forward to hearing the candidate forums for prosecutor at the Raymond Theater on July 18, and I encourage everyone to attend and ask questions.

Victoria Jenkins


Whealdon is best choice

I support Dan Whealdon for PUD commissioner.

I have know Dan for a number of years both personally and professionally, and he never fails to deliver, if he says he can do something he always gets it done.

Dan knows the Peninsula backwards and forwards, is a great communicator, listener, and is good at finding solutions to difficult problems.

Dan has multiple college degrees, has been working in real estate for over ten years, and has lived in the community for over 20 years, plus he is very aware of the power needs of the community.

Most importantly, Dan really cares about the position and our community and doing everything he can to make sure we get good service at a fair price.

Dan Whealdon is the best choice for PUD commissioner.

Mike Colbach



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