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Letters to the Editor for July 18, 2018

Published on July 17, 2018 2:59PM

McClain is the clear choice

I have never endorsed a candidate for a county office in 20 years as your elected county clerk. In this case I feel I should share my personal knowledge with the voters so they do not go uninformed to the ballot box.

I am in a unique position to see the work of hundreds of attorneys and these candidates, in particular and can tell you without hesitation, Mark McClain is the person for the job. Mark is tough, fair, and professional. He is someone who places our community’s safety first and foremost, gives a voice to those victimized by felons, and holds offenders appropriately accountable. Experience, experience, experience is the constant needed in an effective prosecutor. Others suggest another approach and claim Drug Court is the answer. As a founding member of our county’s Drug Court and as someone who has worked on the front lines with addiction, the approach to treat addicts with Medically Assisted Treatment, using drugs like methadone, as suggested by Mark’s opponents, is inappropriate for criminal offenders. Abstinence is abstinence.

Criminals need to be accountable for their crimes, especially while committing to a clean and sober lifestyle. Policies pushed by Pam Nogueira and Eric Weston fail to hold addicts accountable and have caused me to step away from the Drug Court program. Our county needs a prosecutor who can effectively prosecute murder, rape, drug dealers and other offenders so we have a satisfactory resolution. I do not believe that Mark’s opponents have the experience to accomplish this.

I have seen Mark McClain manage an office through difficult budget times while remaining ever-focused on our community safety. As Pacific County clerk and ex-officio clerk of the Superior Court, I am joining Superior Court Judge Michael Sullivan and every police department in supporting Mark McClain for prosecutor. He is doing the job we elected him to do four years ago. Mark McClain needs to remain our Pacific County prosecutor.

Virginia Leach

Pacific County Clerk

Change brings problems

I agree with everything George McCurdy said about his caregivers. I have had problems with mine not being made available for holidays because the provider doesn’t pay caregivers for working holidays. What happens to the clients being left without coverage? What scares me the most is I am a fall risk, among other things. I was concerned that my best interests were not being considered. This company hasn’t made me feel very confident in their abilities to go the “extra mile” for me or the caregivers they employ. It’s a daily worry for me to see how they handle my care from this point on. So far I’m not feeling very encouraged.

Kollene J. Kipp

Ocean Park

Howie for Wahkiakum sheriff

We’ve been fortunate to live and work in Wahkiakum County most of our lives. Gordon has lived in here his entire life and I’ve been here for more than 60 years of marriage. But we’ve also lived here long enough to have seen many changes in the community — some good and some not.

Today, it’s encouraging to see a new generation of community leaders like Sheriff Mark Howie and his wife Debb. We’ve gotten to know them over the years. While we call him Sheriff, we also call them friends. They’re good people and they’ve both given their time and energy to our community. The past six years, we’ve watched as he served as the sheriff of Wahkiakum County. We’re at an age where we look at actions more than words. Sheriff Howie has demonstrated who he is and what he stands for. When he was elected six years ago, he told us he wanted the sheriff’s office to work in partnership with the community. He put his plans into actions with programs like the Citizen Academy and Kids and Cops. He also increased patrols and services throughout the county. We like the leadership he’s provided in the community and the improvements he’s made in the Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Howie knows the people of Wahkiakum County and he knows what works here and what doesn’t. That’s why we’re voting to retain Sheriff Howie.

Vera and Gordon Oman


Re-elect Mark McClain

When my home was broken into last year, I suddenly became a crime victim in Pacific County. I didn’t know where to turn, and I felt horribly alone attempting to deal with my roiling emotions. It’s hard for me to admit how deeply I felt the loss of personal safety and the residual debilitating fear.

I will be forever grateful for the way Prosecutor Mark McClain handled my case. He listened attentively, stayed in email contact throughout the process of conviction, allowed someone else to read my Victim Impact Statement in court, and then asked what more he could do to help me “heal.”

Prosecutor Mark McClain has handled some huge cases for Pacific County. The Brian Brush case, the Long Beach Go-Kart drug ring, and the woman who wanted “do-overs” after she admitted to killing her grandmother, just to name a few. His experience covers the full range of crimes, and each case, even my relatively small one, gets his full focus.

McClain has proven time and again that experience counts. He is competent and thorough. He has my full support and my vote, and I back him 100%, without reservation. I’ve seen firsthand the quality of this man’s work. Please join me in re-electing Prosecutor Mark McClain.

Jan Bono

Long Beach

Be sure to vote

Please, please take the time to vote! The primary election is coming up in early August. There is still time to get educated on the candidates and make your choices. This election is so important because it will eliminate all but the top two candidates, no matter what is their party affiliation. In some elections only a third of people eligible to vote exercised that privilege: that means a minority decided your future! Perhaps you don’t care for any of the choices; just pick the best one of the lot! Your vote may make the difference between a horrible choice and a half decent one. Please set aside your other pressing tasks and vote. We are living in a topsy-turvy time and your vote is your voice. Our votes may be our only voice.

Marion Oman

Long Beach

LBPD chief: Elect Souvenir and McClain

I don’t like getting involved in local races. After living and working here 51 years I usually know the different candidates and in many cases they are friends. That being said, in the races for Pacific County Sheriff and Pacific County Prosecutor I have had enough people ask me who I am going to vote for that I believe I should let my family, friends and the public know who I am supporting with my vote. I make these endorsements as someone who has 31 years of experience in law enforcement, the last 15 as a chief of police.

In the race for Pacific County sheriff I am endorsing Robin Souvenir. I believe that Robin has the experience and the skills to be a great sheriff for Pacific County. Sheriff Johnson is a kind person and a personal friend but I think Robin Souvenir is needed at the top in the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. He has worked as both a line deputy and as a department administrator and will bring both sets of skills to the job of sheriff. Robin Souvenir will bring much needed leadership to the sheriff’s department and I ask you to join with me in voting for him.

Four years ago I endorsed Mark McClain for Pacific County prosecutor. I knew then that we desperately needed a change in that office. Before Mark McClain was the prosecutor I felt like I did not have a real advocate for the victims and for law enforcement and that had to change. Mark has not disappointed me. He is an aggressive prosecutor who represents the victim’s as a tireless advocate for them. As a cop I can’t tell you enough how encouraging it is to know, without a doubt, that when my department sends a case to Mark he will work hard to bring the suspect to justice. That doesn’t mean that Mark prosecutes every case we send him. It does mean that when he declines to prosecute it’s because there are legitimate reasons to do so and they make sense. I don’t agree with every decision that Mark makes as the prosecutor or as the county’s civil attorney but I still believe that we need Mark McClain as our prosecuting attorney. I urge the voters to join with me in voting for Mark McClain for Pacific County prosecutor.

Flint R. Wright

Long Beach

Whealdon will be excellent PUD leader

Dan Whealdon will be an excellent Pacific County PUD commissioner. I have known Dan for over 10 years and worked many real estate transactions with him over the last seven years. He has the right balance of being a good listener, being pro-active and using common sense. The PUD can use someone who listens, who is fiscally responsible, and who has the best interests of the public; but also respects the valued employees who do good work in our community. Dan Whealdon is the perfect person for that position. He works daily with those who use power, and/or are in the process of obtaining power.

He and his family have lived here for the last 24 years. I can’t think of anyone who knows the community better than Dan. Join me in voting for Dan Whealdon PUD #2 Commissioner on the Aug. 7 ballot.

Here are some highlights to consider when making your voice heard:

• A voice for the ratepayers.

• A go-to-guy for the public

• Keeping the public in the loop about new energy programs

• Being assertive when needed

• Two college degrees

• 12 years in local real estate

• 24 years in our community


Ocean Park

Vote for Howie in Wahkiakum

Wahkiakum County is fortunate to have such a dedicated leader for our office of sheriff. Mark Howie and his professional staff help in maintaining order in our community, and especially in Deep River where we reside. We support Mark Howee for sheriff!

Ron and Eva Malerich


Pape clear choice for PUD

I am part of an ad hoc group who didn’t like the direction the Pacific County PUD was going. The PUD’s plan was to loop a transmission line across Willapa Bay through oyster ground. They borrowed $9.5 million to start the project. They also intended to run a transmission line to Grayland, for which they borrowed an additional $14.5 million. The $24 million in bonds that was borrowed was less than half the amount needed to “buy out” the Grays Harbor PUD’s substations, wire and poles to complete the Grayland project. To their credit, Dick Anderson, elected two years ago, and Mike Swanson stopped the project.

The PUD #2 commissioner position is not one that just anyone in the community is qualified to hold. The prime reason that some candidates run is the free health care for your family and the $2,000 a month for two meetings a month. The public deserves more.

We were thrilled to learn of Don Pape’s interest in running for the PUD position. He has been following the PUD’s progress for the past 2.5 years. Don retired from Idaho Power after 33 years (with health care). He bought his house in Long Beach nine years ago. His last employment was with Clark County PUD until a year ago.

Don started his career as a lineman in 1974. His career has covered the gamut of positions and experience. He is a humble man who has a treasure trove of information to share with the PUD Board and the public. He’s a sports fisherman with a boat. He has coached baseball, been a school board member, worked on fish bank enhancement, helped with the Clark County food drive, and is a member of the Long Beach Elks. He has been married to wife, Lynda, for 40 years and has two adult children and three granddaughters.

Don is the only clear choice for PUD Commissioner District #2 and I am proud to support him.

Malcolm McPhail


Oakes is a proven leader

We have known Debbie Oakes for over 15 years and we are delighted she has decided to run for the PUD #2 commissioner position. Debbie and John Oakes have lived and raised their family here for nearly 45 years. They started a fishing and cranberry business from virtually nothing to running a successful enterprise today. They know the value of hard work and the cost to make ends meet. These values have been passed on to their children, who have their own successful business on the Peninsula.

Debbie has served her community in a variety of ways such as serving on the school board. She founded the Parents-Teachers-Students Association, was president with several other community members, served in Ilwaco Sports Boosters, Arts in the School, Missoula Children’s Theatre, was a Boy Scouts leader and helped the Renaissance Program. Serving her community is in Debbie’s DNA.

It has been our experience that whatever Debbie commits to doing, she does it. That is exactly what we need for the position of PUD Commissioner #2. Debbie knows about budgeting, has a proven track record in both leadership and building relationships. She fully understands that we need an advocate to represent our best interests in supplying power to this community and planning for future needs. As PUD commissioner, that is what we want. No question as to where her priorities are focused — on our community

Michael and Gail Baer

Ocean Park

Whealdon ideal pick for PUD

Dan Whealdon will be an excellent Pacific County PUD commissioner. I have known Dan for the last 20 years as an educator, coach and realtor. The PUD can use someone who listens to the people, who is fiscally responsible, and who has the best interests of the public. Mr. Whealdon also respects the valued employees who do excellent work in our community. Through selling real estate he works with the direct users of the utility daily and has an understanding of their needs. He and his family have lived here for the last 25 years and I can’t think of anyone who knows the community better than him. Join me in voting for Dan Whealdon PUD #2 commissioner on Aug. 7.

A.J. (Mooch) Smith


Oakes knows PUD District 2

When we moved to the Peninsula 22 years ago, Debbie Oakes was one of the first people to warmly welcome us. Over those 22 years, I’ve gotten to know her even better.

She has been a successful business owner for over 40 years, and therefore understands the importance of strategic planning and cost control in order to be successful.

She is the only candidate who has lived within PUD District 2 for the past two years, and furthermore, she has lived within District 2 for the past 40 years. Because of that, she is very well connected to the District 2 constituency. Since she has lived here so long and is very approachable, the District 2 community will be comfortable reaching out to her to share their concerns with her as their representative PUD commissioner.

She is the only candidate that has had public entity oversight experience. Others may claim to have experience, however not at the commissioner or board level. She was a member of the Ocean Park School District Board, and therefore has a clear understanding of what it means to hold management accountable for formulating and achieving strategic plans and objectives. Not only are strategic plans a great road map for management, but they are also an excellent way for those of us living within the district to know where our PUD is headed. Presently, our PUD does not have such a plan.

In addition, her past experience has prepared her to understand the value of clearly defined policies and procedures, and the importance of the oversight needed to ensure our PUD District 2 management team is adhering to them. I believe Debbie Oakes is an excellent candidate and worthy of our support.

Dennis A. Long

Ocean Park

PUD moves to 4-day week

As your commissioners of Public Utility District No. 2 of Pacific County (PUD), we have agreed to enable the PUD to transition to a four 10-hour day work week (4-10) effective Monday, July 16. The new office hours for the Willapa Operations Center in Raymond and the Peninsula Operations Center in Long Beach will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday and closed Fridays.

By switching to a 4-10 work-week, the PUD will be open an hour earlier and an hour later, thus allowing customers to conduct business with the PUD during the week without having to take time off work to do so. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause on Fridays, but believe in the long run, 4-10 will allow the PUD to operate more efficiently and help the PUD maintain lower electric rates.

Dedicated PUD employees work hard to provide safe, reliable, low cost electrical power to the customer-owners of the PUD, 24 hours a day all year long.

Mike Swanson, President, District 1 Commissioner; Diana Thompson, Vice President, District 2 Commissioner; Dick Anderson, Secretary, District 3 Commissioner

Pacific County

Fireworks changes are essential

Whatever happened to my love of visiting our Long Beach home over the Fourth of July to watch a great fireworks show? It was when we chose to retire in Long Beach. Eight days (actually 10-11 days) of people ignoring their neighbors’ and their pets’ peace and quiet, just because it’s legal to do so, is very disheartening.

Next year, as two of our neighbors did this year, we have already made arrangements to spend two weeks and our money for groceries, gas, et al., near a city than bans fireworks. It seems that by most accounts, 60 to 70 percent of residents would like to reduce the amount of days to three, yet the city council and the county show no interest in listening to the citizens that elected them. They refuse to act, citing County Commissioner Frank Wolfe’s comment that Washington State Parks, Ilwaco and Long Beach must act as “one voice.” If that were the case, Raymond and South Bend wouldn’t have different rules for both the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve.

Many cities/counties, in Washington either ban or restrict sales and discharge from what the State allows. (www.wsp.wa.gov/fireworks, then click on “2018 Information Regarding Fireworks Bans or Restricted Sales” ). Since approximately 70 percent of us would like the number of days reduced, at the next election, if the mayor/council/commissioners have no competition, let’s do a write-in for Mickey Mouse (could be a welcome change).

Jeff Evans

Long Beach

Oakes will improve PUD

Support Debbie Oakes for PUD commissioner, District 2. Oakes lives in the district full time, and has done so for decades. The all too frequent outages north of the substation on 95th from damage on the Sandridge line are as familiar to her as the rest of us who live north of that station.

Oakes knows there is a communication gap between this public utility and its owners, who are also its customers. This is an issue she would work to resolve. Oakes knows this utility has been behind the curve on changes in energy use — conservation, resilience, distributed power generation — as our society’s use of energy has intensified, along with damages from increasingly severe storms. And she knows there are opportunities to expand PUD management of core utilities beyond electricity.

Support Debbie Oakes for PUD commissioner, to improve communications between residents and the utility. She will look forward in long-term planning, and support improved energy conservation, production and distribution practices, instead of being a business-as-usual candidate.



Go see ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

I went to PAPA’s musical presentation of the “Beauty and the Beast” on July 7. What an enjoyable and magical performance — the amazing cast, the music, the choreography, the costumes!

Although for the majority of the cast it was their acting and singing debut, they all performed very capably under the creative direction of Brooke Flood and Barbara Poulshock. I want to acknowledge Sarah, Jonathan, Timothy, Cindy, Matthew, Natasha, Andy, Elizabeth and 10-year-old Aarin for their spirited acting and musical performances. They all seem to be having fun, which is very infectious for the audience.

The theme/message of this musical is especially appropriate for our times, where we place undue emphasis on outward appearances rather than recognizing the inner light/beauty within each person. At the end of the show, two seniors from Surfside, sitting next to me, remarked how amazed and impressed they were with the quality and talent of our local community theater, as they had lived in New York and gone to number of Broadway shows.

This musical will entertain all ages, so bring the entire family and enjoy this magnificent show. It’s the must-see event of the summer!

Kenny Tam

Klipsan Beach

Leave yard signs alone

Someone took down my yard sign supporting Pam Nogueira Maneman for county prosecutor. That is dirty pool. Mark McClain would never approve of such behavior. Mark has proven to be an honest man who has successfully prosecuted serious crimes, including domestic abuse, drug dealing and assaults.

Pam will do the same. Pam will also implement a community-based justice system that will promote fairness. I would like to see both elected as a team.

In the meantime, let’s play fair while campaigning.

Bill Cantella



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