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Letters to the Editor for Aug. 15, 2018

Published on August 15, 2018 12:29PM

‘Enchanted April’ ahead

I believe that theater is important to a community, it is a place where all ages and backgrounds come together with a dream and turn it into reality. I have seen theatre as a place where children and adults learn empathy, confidence and inner strength. You may have heard that PAPA (or Peninsula Association of Performing Artists) went out with a bang for its sold out final performances of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast!”

There’s just one thing we could not go on without, a massive thank you to all of our supporters! Without our audience we would be nothing! Reaching over 1,000 community members, we can not express the gratitude in our heart! You are keeping theatre important in our community, and because of you we are able to announce our upcoming show “Enchanted April.” Something to pull you from the dreary October weather.

Follow us on Facebook to find out more, or check out our website! Thank you to our volunteers and our audience, you make dreams come true!

Brooke Flood

Long Beach

Kudos to Oakes, Pape

I would like to say congratulations to Debbie Oakes and Don Pape as they have advanced as the final Public Utility District No. 2 candidates to the Nov. 6 general election. Both are very qualified individuals who can assist our Pacific County PUD as the new commissioner. Either candidate will compliment our existing two commissioners, Mike Swanson and Dick Anderson, who I feel do an excellent job for our PUD.

I encourage the ratepayers of Pacific County fill out their ballots and vote on Nov. 6. There are many important races that will effect Pacific County. All the best to Debbie and Don as they move forward.

Dan Whealdon

Long Beach

Try attending meetings

I tender this letter in response to the letter from David CE Williams, that was published in your newspaper on Aug. 8.

The letter contains so many inaccuracies and outright falsehoods, it would be impossible to rebut all of them in a reasonable amount of space. Plus, in how much ridiculous squabbling, amongst less than 50 people does the readership of the Observer really wish to partake?

When one is rebutting allegations, as Mr. Williams professed to do, it is always helpful;

1. To begin the argument with a well-established fact.

2. To have first-hand knowledge of:

a. The Design Review Hearing process since the Oysterville Design Review Board (ODRB) was disbanded, and,

b. The Oysterville Restoration Foundation (ORF) annual meeting, which took place on May 26, 2018, at 10 a.m. at the guano-covered Oysterville Church.

Please let me elaborate:

1. In the first sentence of his letter, Mr Williams states that Pacific county abolished the ODRB in August 2017. This is not true. The ODRB was disbanded by a vote of Frank Wolfe and Steve Rogers at a regular meeting of the Pacific County Commissioners on July 18, 2016. Commissioner Ayers did not cast a vote, as she was absent.

2.a. It is interesting to read Mr. Williams impressions of the Design Review process since the ODRB was disbanded, since he has been to none of the design review hearings. In fact, I believe, the only consistent presence at the Design Review hearings, has been yours truly, and that incluces county staff, and the hearings examiners (there have been two different persons filling this role).

2b. It was also interesting to read his “take-aways” from the annual Oysterville Restoration Foundation meeting, the one meeting that this organization holds every year to disseminate information to its members. Interesting, because, Mr. Williams, as secretary of the organization, did not bother to attend.

Of course, if Mr. Williams had taken time from his busy schedule to attend the aforementioned hearings and meeting, as I did, I have no doubt that we would still process the information that was presented differently, as we usually do. However, Mr. Williams dissemination of information based on hearsay, and the interpretation of oral information by third parties enters into the realm of “Fake News,” disinformation, “alternative facts” and/or Folklore, and is probably best left to others in Oysterville who have spent many, many years refining the art of creative writing.

Bradley Huson



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