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Letters to the Editor for Aug. 22, 2018

Published on August 21, 2018 3:41PM

Fireworks law clarification

Thank you, Ellen Anderson, and the Ocean Park Environmentally Friendly Fireworks folks for your reply to my Letter to the Editor “Time to try a ban” dated Aug. 1, 2018. I appreciate your clarification of the fireworks laws in Oregon and Washington states.

I apologize for any inaccuracies in my statement; however my statement was made with the best of my understanding. Firecrackers, M-80s and M-100s, cherry bombs, skyrockets, roman candles, and the explosive mortars that sound like gunfire and\or bombs are all illegal in Washington and Oregon. This is my perception based on my research. My understanding is that none of the above can be legally purchased or detonated in either state without special permitting. Again it is my perception that the only exception to this would be that they can be purchased on the reservations.

I take no issue with any of the fireworks that are sold here in the licensed stands that raise money for many good causes. However, I do stand firm in my opinion that fireworks should not be detonated on the streets or in the yards of our neighborhoods. It is not only dangerous but it scares the heck out of our pets and many of our citizens including the elderly and many others who may take issue with the loud explosions. Many people that have served their country have had more than their share of bombs and explosions as well and are not able to tolerate it any longer. Others folks like me are just bothered, disturbed and annoyed by the mess left behind and more so the loud explosions that go on for days and well past midnight some days. I take no issue with beach detonation of only legal fireworks as long as they clean up the horrible dangerous mess they seem to feel is just fine to litter our beaches and streets with. I also stand firm on my opinion that the law must be enforced and that tickets and fines must be issued without exception to enforce the laws. We should continue to report illegal use of fireworks and do so by calling the non-emergency police phone number 360-642-9397. Please do not call 911 to report this offense as it is not considered an emergency and could cause a dangerous misuse of our 911 emergency system. Again, living in fear is not living.

Richard Bodreau

Ocean Park

It is time for change!

I am a retired educator and serviceman. For almost 40 years I worked with young people in Oregon and Washington. For the last 27 years of my career I was a school administrator in the Evergreen School District in Vancouver. My wife is a registered Republican. I believe it is time to choose Carolyn Long as a replacement for Jaime Herrera Beutler.

I am asking that you look past the party label that may have directed your vote in the past to delve into how our candidates stand on the issues. If you do you will find that Jaime votes the Trump agenda 90 percent of the time. You have to ask yourself how she can vote against healthcare for all when she used the congressional private plan to pay for expensive care for her children. (I am most certainly not against her children receiving the care they needed). She touts a tax plan that clearly gave much more to the upper 10 percent than it gave to you. The plan for the sea lions, although valuable, is not even hers; it was initiated by an Oregon congressman.

I am not going to change your mind if you are a Trump supporter. For some reason that seems impossible. However, I am asking you to dig deeply into the issues and seek more than an “R” or a “D” as your reason for voting. Carolyn Long’s website will help you get what you need about her. Carolyn also holds public meetings which allow for dialogue and are open to all.

It is time for change! Carolyn is our way to cast a vote to make it happen.

Gary E. Tichenor


Pack2School: Helping families

For the last five years I have volunteered in the Pack2School Program. I chose to be a guide because I love seeing the children receiving the school supplies and then the fun of picking out their very own backpack from a choice of many designs and colors. The parents are so appreciative. After all this, I guide them to the exit to receive tickets for lunch. It is exciting to see so much joy in one place. It is a very rewarding experience.

Can’t wait to volunteer for the sixth year!

Sandy Stewart

Ocean Park

Phone service provider problems

In the early part of last month, my phone for some reason was not working for five or six days. Being old and living alone, I was teed off, not because I couldn’t call my friends but because I hurt myself and couldn’t call out for help. Lucky for me, a woman I didn’t know was near my place and she called the paramedics. Normally there’s no one around. They’re mostly working during the day anyway. I went to the hospital and got fixed up with a plastic/metal brace for my leg and a few bruises and minor cuts taken care of. When I sent in my new phone bill later that week, I averaged out what it cost me for a phone each day, subtracted 6 days (around $10-12 dollars), and sent in a letter telling what happened and why I did it. The next phone bill I got added what I deducted plus a late fee for the last month because it was less with what I deducted.

I guess I am no longer a preferred customer of 20 some years. I wrote them saying I hope they shut the phone off. As of Aug. 13, it’s still on, but not paid for.

George McCurdy

Ocean Park

Pack2School: What an experience!

2017 was my second year, volunteering for Pack2School. What an experience! I helped the families after they had picked up their school supplies and selected their very special backpack. Needless to say, I saw lots of smiling ear to ear on both the childrens’ and their parents’ faces. I gave the families lunch tickets and directed them to the carnival. I also collected the sign-in form so we may tabulate how many children we served for Pack2School.

I am looking forward to serving again this year!

Rose Ehret

Ocean Park

Salute to Leonard Bernstein

On Saturday, Aug. 25, we celebrate the centennial birthday of Leonard Bernstein (1918-90) — America’s greatest conductor, one of our finest composers, an accomplished pianist, an influential teacher and writer, a notable humanitarian, and our most famous native-born musician.

He insisted that it is the artists of the world, not the politicians and business barons, but the thinkers and feelers--who will ultimately save us by articulating, educating, defying, insisting, singing, and shouting the big dreams.

I’ll always remember his energetic conducting of the New York Philharmonic and other great orchestras, his articulate, imaginative, sometimes poignant young people’s concerts, his movie scores (“On the Waterfront,” “West Side Story,” et al). Broadway hits (“Candide,” “On the Town”), and numerous compositions like MASS.

Bernstein’s reply to violence, always, was to make music more intensely, more beautifully, and more devotedly than ever before.

Hailed as a hero, Bernstein was able to popularize the classics in a way that no other musician had ever done. No musician in the history of America touched so many people so deeply and in so many ways.

Winner of 11 Emmys and many other awards, Bernstein was a flawed genius, but a prolific performer who represented what was truly great about America.

And that’s worth remembering — when so many Americans believe we need to “Make America Great Again.”


Ocean Park

Press must be fair

Regarding “The press is not the enemy of the people”:

The Trump-hating media is a blatant hypocrisy, even about media bashing this is the age of self congratulatory media.

Reporters openly call themselves heroes and firefighters. Yet when a story doesn’t fit the narrative of the left-leaning media, our “Guardians of the Galaxy,” are missing in action.

When the Antifa gangs are beating defenseless people who are voicing their opinions and throw rocks, eggs and small explosives at police, the headlines are muted and the antifa thugs are called anti-hate protesters. These Antifa bullies even attacked an NBC reporter. Had an all-right member attacked the reporter, the left-media would have had the story on the front page.

The Boston Globe calling for editorial boards nationwide, including the Chinook Observer, to publish columns condemning Trump’s so-called war against the free press is sure to backfire. It will provide evidence of the existence of a national press cabal that has been convened solely to oppose Trump. The left-controlled media has been against Trump since day one. Honest and fair journalism has disappeared. Most intelligent Americans know that the deep state controls the left media. I found your article to be a further demonstration of untruthful propaganda. If the left-leaning media wants to be the champion of the people, it must start by being not left or right, but being neutral. Report the facts as they are, not what you want them to be. There is no fairness in making excuses for haters such as white supremacists or Antifa attackers — they are all evil. Fairness in journalism is what will make our country come together.

David Edlestein


Best lunch ever!

My role at Pack2School last year was to grill lots and lots of hot dogs! Believe it or not, it was great fun! This is such a worthwhile program, I just felt really good doing this and look forward to this year. With my volunteer teammate, I served the hot dogs to the families. I love seeing the big smiles all around knowing that we are serving families that really need this help is just a great feeling.

Happily Cooking and Serving the best lunch ever!

Joe and Margie Mraz

Long Beach

Carnival fun

For the past six years, Skeezix the Clown has performed at the Pack2School Carnival. It is so much fun to walk around talking to the children and do what clowns do, create surprises and laughter. I love serving this community and this program is one of the best ways for Skeezix the Clown to participate.

My contribution for the last 6 years, is making balloon creations like animals, flowers and more. I have loved seeing the delight on children’s faces. It has been such a gift to receive. I look forward to making more of these magical creations for this year’s Pack2School Carnival.

Creating and receiving laughter and delight at the Carnival,

Skeezix the Clown and Bev Champers

Ocean Park


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