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‘New-old’ group aims to revive sense of community spirit in Ocean Park

Published on November 28, 2017 2:53PM

A scenic photo seems to encapsulate warm feelings about Ocean Park.


A scenic photo seems to encapsulate warm feelings about Ocean Park.

OCEAN PARK — On Thursday, Nov. 30, at 6 p.m., a meeting is scheduled to look into the possibility of reviving a group that was dedicated to improving, enhancing and maintaining the community they called home. The Village Club came into existence in the 1930s and remained active for many decades.

It was formed to benefit the general welfare of the community and many of the projects first dreamed of in 1932 came to fruition, such as establishing a library in Ocean Park. A sense of community, responsibility and determination was at the base of this early group. They looked for “doers,” not complainers, and in the process made neighborly types of connections that lasted through their lives.

“The range of experiences people bring to Ocean Park and the nearby areas as they move here is phenomenal,” organizers of the new effort said in a press release. “Yes, we are mostly a retired community but what talents we possess. For the last many years, our community has relied on the Ocean Park Area Chamber and various church, service, education or community interest groups to step up into the numerous volunteer roles needed to support our events, plan for improvements and care for each other. Maybe it is time to explore forming a group of residents to give new life to these efforts.”

The meeting will be held at the Ocean Park Fire Hall, District #1, located at 26110 Ridge Avenue. To ask questions or make comments, contact Bonnie Cozby at chabon@charter.net or 360-270-0298.


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