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Domestic squabble exposes powerful feelings

Pushed beyond limit, woman resorts to novel weapons
Natalie St. John

Published on April 11, 2018 11:44AM

OCEAN PARK — Those who like to keep abreast of crime news may be interested to know that a local woman has been busted for allegedly assaulting a man with her boobs.

Jennifer Rose Chipman, 46, the alleged wielder of womanly weaponry in the mammarian melee, was charged with fourth-degree assault in March, according to South District Court Records.

In an April 9 phone interview, Chipman acknowledged that she did bare her chest, but denied the assault allegation. She said there were extenuating circumstances that were not mentioned in the police and court reports.

‘Chaotic at best’

On the morning of Jan. 18, two Pacific County sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a disorderly person at a residence in Ocean Park. They allegedly found Chipman removing items from the home and arguing with a relative over some property. According to a probable cause statement, Chipman was “totally out of control of her emotions, anger and language.” Also present were the man’s brother and the man’s nephew.

“The scene was chaotic at best,” one deputy wrote in his report. He noted that both “petty accusations” and personal property “were being thrown about” by the parties, amidst much “shouting and arguing.”

Chipman said she called 911 because the men were calling her names and making it difficult for her to retrieve her things, including medications she needs to take daily to treat significant medical issues.

“They blocked me throughout the whole house, bullied me, pushed me down the stairs and out the door,” Chipman said.


The man said an argument over property escalated when he told Chipman she could not remove certain items from the home. In a police statement, his brother said he was asked to be at the house during Chipman’s visit. He said he was downstairs when the argument erupted. In response to Chipman’s allegedly “enraged” behavior, the man said he remarked, “You’re putting on quite a show.” At that point, Chipman allegedly replied, “You want to see a show?” and removed her shirt.

“When she started to pull off her bra, I turned away,” the man wrote. “She ran forward into me with her breasts and it caused my head to bounce off the wall.” The first man said he watched as Chipman “rubbed her breasts” on his brother. When his nephew turned his back to avoid seeing Chipman’s bared breasts, she allegedly rubbed them on his back.

The man also claimed she exposed herself again in the driveway.

Chipman said the situation got out of hand in part because she had not been able to take her medications for about a week. By the time of the confrontation, she said, the disruption to her medication regimen and the stress of trying to retrieve her things had taken a serious toll on her. “I only remember small little things,” Chipman said. “I was having an anxiety attack.”

Keep your hams to yourself

Chipman was not the only one to allegedly resort to violence. The brother said the confrontation escalated again when he laughed at Chipman for falling down while trying to move a dresser. According to his report, Chipman tried to hit him.

“I put up my hands to protect myself and finally told her if she did not stop, that I would knock her out,” he wrote. Chipman disputed this version of events, saying the men refused to help her move the large items, laughed when she got hurt and called her vulgar names.

“They provoked me,” she said.

The man who had originally been fighting with Chipman reportedly videotaped the incident.

Sagging spirits

The brother claimed the bounce against the wall left him with an aching head and neck. The deputies were not convinced he had been seriously hurt as a result of his allegedly bosomy battering.

“I observed no indication of injury…” one deputy wrote, adding that the victim of the suspected bazooka barrage did not ask to be examined by emergency medical responders.

“It was apparent to me each was doing and saying what they could to try and get the other one in trouble,” he said.

Still, the alleged victim said the boob-related brouhaha shook him up.

“I do not want to see any woman’s breasts unless it were my woman,” he wrote in his report. “I have been celibate for over seven years, and I never in my life thought I would be sexually assaulted by a woman.”

Not on the lam

Chipman was due for a first appearance in South District Court on April 4. However, she did not show up. Chipman said she is currently living in another county and never received any notice about the hearing, so she was unaware of the court date. She planned to call the court on April 9.

“I didn’t know or I would have been there at court,” Chipman said. “That’s for damn sure.”

Fourth-degree assault is punishable by up to 364 days in jail, up to a $5,000 fine, or both. Chipman does not appear to have any prior convictions in Washington.


If you or someone you love is being abused, you can reach Washington’s 24-hour domestic violence hotline by calling 1-800-799-SAFE. Calls are free and confidential.


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