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Long Beach dangerous dog policies updated

Council approves multiple changes to ordinance

By Alyssa Evans


Published on September 11, 2018 1:34PM

LONG BEACH — Long Beach City Council unanimously approved updates to the city’s dangerous dog ordinance at its Sept. 4 meeting.

The ordinance was last updated by the city before Stanley Field improvements. The council reviewed the ordinance because its information was outdated on dogs being allowed at Stanley Field. Upon review, the council found multiple aspects of the ordinance it agreed to update.

Ordinance updates include:

• Dogs no longer being allowed at Stanley Park. Dogs are still allowed in the grassy areas outside the playfields at Culbertson Park.

• An expansion of the timeframe a pet owner has to redeem their impounded animals. Owners now have five days to pick up their pet before it is put up for adoption. Before, owners only had three days to pick up impounded pets.

• Requiring either the humane society or law enforcement to contact pet owners within 24 hours of impoundment if the animal is identified.

• Requiring owners to be responsible for medical costs of their impounded animals. Councilor Holli Kemmer suggested the addition, as she’s heard of the humane society getting stuck with medical bills for dogs.

• Specifying the South Pacific County Humane Society as a “non-governmental non-profit animal shelter.” The specification wasn’t present in the ordinance beforehand.

• Defining “vicious” as “deliberately cruel or violent.” The term was not defined in the ordinance beforehand.

The South Pacific County Humane Society is a no-kill shelter. Stray animals are checked for microchips. The society may also post fliers and online to find a pet’s owner. The society suggests pet owners call the society as soon as possible if a pet goes missing. Impound fees are issued to cover pet care costs.

More information about the society is available at http://beachpets.com/.


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