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Long Beach Police Blotter
Long Beach Police Blotter 6/21

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Dispatch Reports
Dispatch Reports
Compliance checks conducted among area alcohol retailers
Compliance checks completed
Long Beach Police Blotter

May 29 — At 10:38 p.m. Long Beach Police were dispatched to a domestic violence call in Ilwaco. Stacey J. Kehreain, 34, was booked for assault 4th degree for allegedly “slapping her husband in the side of the head.”

May 31...

Jail Bookings

Brown, Stevie M. Assault 2 Dom. Viol.

Campbell, Benjamin J. Warrant-Failure to appear

Chappell, John R. DUI

Cortes, Marco A. Rape Of A Child 1

Kehrein, Stacey J. Dom Viol-Assault 4

Kepford, Janelle M. Malicious Mischief...

Dispatch Reports

Long Beach

Police Department

May 29 — At 11:40 a.m. theft of a cellphone reported in Long Beach. “They think they have the guys that took it. Husband has a Fitbit so whenever wife calls phone, the guy’s cell phone...

Long Beach Police Blotter
LBPD Blotter
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