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Published on November 14, 2017 4:38PM



South Pacific District Court as well as Ilwaco and Municipal Court hearings are held at 7013 Sandridge Road. If you have questions, call 642-9417. The following cases were scheduled for actions shown.

Nov. 6

Pre-trial — DWLS 3rd-degree, Kevin Todd Martin; Kevin Todd Martin; DFTA, B/W $1,000.

Sentence compliance — DWLS 3rd-degree, Kevin Todd Martin; no action.

Arraignment — MIP and/or consumption, Branson Raymond James McKee; DFTA, B/W $500.

Pre-trial — False reporting, Bonnie Anne Wingard; review 12/4.

Sentence compliance — License vehicle out of state 1st, obstruct law enforcement officer, Brian Jeffrey Davidson; no action.

Review hearing — DUI, hit/run unattended vehicle, Gregg Robert Lindstrom; dismissed.

Sentence compliance — Three counts of DWLS 3rd-degree, Kevin Todd Martin; no action.

Nov. 8

Review hearing — DUI, Paul Andrew Young; amended to negligent driving 1st-degree, defendant complied with SOC.

Pre-trial — Assault 4th-degree, Gary Brian Blumhardt; SOC 18 months, $350.

Preliminary appearance — DWLS 3rd-degree, Chad Lee Menard; in custody, released on PT condition, pd appt., continued to 11/22.

Pre-trial — DUI, Colton R. Wagner; discovery deadline 11/22.

Pre-trial — DUI, DWLS 3rd-degree, William M. Weiss; continued one week.

Sentence compliance — DUI, Luis Jerardo Zepeda Sanches; DFTA, B/W $5,000.

Arraignment — Sex offender/non-felon failure to register, Zane C. Belshe; DFTA.

Arraignment — DWLS 3rd-degree, Michael A. Box; DFTA, B/W $1,500.

Arraignment — DWLS 2nd-degree, operating vehicle without ignition interlock, Jonathan Antonio Gonzalez; pd appt., continued to 11/22, released on pre-trial conditions.

Arraignment — Interfering with department operation, Jason Christopher Lake; NOA filed, clerk to set dates.

Arraignment — Assault 4th-degree, Jeffrey L. Vaughn; pleaded not guilty, no contact with victim, released on pre-trial conditions, PT 11/22.

Arraignment — DWLS 3rd-degree, Jeffrey L. Vaughn; pleaded not guilty, released on pre-trial conditions, not to drive, PT 11/22.

Arraignment — Two counts of DWLS 3rd-degree, William Charles Whiteside; DFTA, B/W $2,500 each count.

Contested hearing — Speeding 15 mph over limit (over 40), Akshay Hacholli; no one appeared, judge finds committed.

Abbreviation Key

00/00 Days sentenced/suspended

B/W Bench warrants

DF Deferred finding

DP Deferred prosecution

DS Deferred sentence

DUI Driving under influence

DWLS Driving w/ license suspended

DFTA Defendant failure to appear

FTR Failed to respond

JT Jury trial

MIP Minor in possession

NCO No-Contact Order

NOA Notice of appearance

NJT Non-jury trial

NSV No similar violations

NVOL No valid operator’s license

PD Public defender

PT Pre-trial

SOC Stipulated order of continuance


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