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Superior Court

Published on November 21, 2017 5:16PM

SOUTH BEND — In Pacific County Superior Court on Nov. 17, Vern Von Allen Hamilton, 51, of Aberdeen, was sentenced to a year in prison for bail jumping.

“It appears that Mr. Hamilton was more accustomed to how things are done in Grays Harbor County where someone who skips out on their obligation is not charged with jumping bail,” Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain said in a press release. “But this man failed to turn himself in for his sentencing on a felony attempting to elude a police officer, his second such offense. So from our perspective, the only way to protect our community from people like Mr. Hamilton, whose driving endanger our community, is to ensure they receive a prison sentence.”

Hamilton will also be required to complete a previously ordered jail sentence in prison.

“We also look at this as a means to also save our local taxpayers from footing the cost of housing state prisoners, as we send them to prison so that they [the Washington Department Corrections] pay the cost to house these inmates,” McClain said.


Also in Superior Court, Riley Lucas Garvin (also known as Wonderlich), 39, of Ocean Park was sentenced to 15 months in prison for possession of methamphetamine and also ordered to complete 12 months of drug treatment with the DOC after he is released from prison. This follows a previous unsuccessful attempt at in-patient drug treatment sentencing alternative.

“This was simply one of those cases where treatment would not work for Mr. Garvin and in the end, for us,” McClain said. “Our goal is to protect our community one way or the other. Here, that meant sending Mr. Garvin to prison and hopefully he will avail himself of treatment once he is out of prison.”


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