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Published on November 28, 2017 2:28PM

Long Beach

Police Department

Nov. 19 — At 1:22 p.m. in Long Beach, a vehicle prowl from the previous evening was reported, with a number of items stolen, including a cane, wallet and more.

A burglary in progress was reported at 7:32 p.m. in a Long Beach business.

At 9:40 p.m. in Long Beach, someone call dispatch to report a concern that a transformer was “gonna go,” and that lights were flickering.

Nov. 20 — A suspicious individual was banging on doors and trying to get into rooms in Long Beach at 3:50 a.m.

A one-vehicle accident was reported at 11:11 a.m. in Long Beach.

A domestic incident was reported at 2:50 p.m. in Long Beach.

An allegedly intoxicated person was reported at 11:05 p.m. in Seaview. He was said to be knocking on a door and said he didn’t know where he was.

Nov. 21 — A suspicious male was reported at 7:49 p.m. after he had been kicked out of a Long Beach business.

Nov. 22 — Two subjects siphoning gas were reported in Long Beach at 12:25 a.m. They took off running when confronted.

A vagrant man, wrapped in blankets in a wheelchair, was reported hanging around on a porch in Long Beach at 5:21 p.m.

Threats were alleged at 5:21 p.m. in Long Beach.

At 6:12 p.m. and again at 6:31 p.m., in Ilwaco, adult abuse was reported.

Possible child abuse or neglect was reported in Ocean Park at 10:28 p.m.

Nov. 23 — At 12:24 p.m. in Long Beach, a one-vehicle accident was reported, with a 60-year-old man pinned between a car and house, sustaining a possible broken leg.

A disorderly individual who was possibly intoxicated was reported yelling and making threats in Long Beach at 10:16 p.m.

Nov. 24 — Threats were alleged in Long Beach at 6:57 p.m.

At 10:32 p.m. a fireworks complaint was received from Long Beach.

Nov. 25 — At 10:33 p.m. in Long Beach, a security alarm alert was received.

Pacific County

Sheriff’s Office

Nov. 19 — At 1:36 a.m. in Surfside, a medical issue was reported for a woman who was running in and out of her home screaming. Several calls were received about this individual.

A domestic incident was reported at 3:37 a.m. in Brooklyn.

A possibly abandoned vehicle was reported at a gate in Naselle at 10:10 a.m.

Loitering was reported in a Seaview business at 10:30 a.m.

At 3:23 p.m. in Chinook, a person sustained a dog bite and was treated at Columbia Memorial.

A domestic incident was reported at 4:36 p.m. in Bay Center, with alcohol involved.

Nov. 20 — At 8:42 a.m. in Ocean Park, a burglary was reported with lots of things taken and the house “thrashed.”

At 9:57 a.m. in South Bend, a “shank” was found in a cell during checks.

A homemade utility trailer was found in an Ocean Park yard at 10:58 a.m.

A bag with lots of needles in it was found at 11:59 a.m. in Ocean Park.

The theft of a bonsai plant from a deck in Seaview was reported at 12:38 p.m.

At 1:53 p.m. in Grayland, a wanted person was barricaded in a shop.

A “strange” man, who was talking to himself, ran through a yard and into the brush near an Ocean Park home at 3:23 p.m.

Nov. 21 — At 12:09 a.m. in Grayland, a public nuisance of a generator running all night long was reported.

Criminal trespassing was reported at 8:51 a.m. in Grayland.

A weapon offense was reported at 10:13 a.m. in Surfside.

At 11:40 a.m. in Ocean Park, a broken down motorhome with the doors and windows boarded up was reported in a private driveway, and a man from the motorhome was yelling at the homeowner’s dog.

A burglary to a Grayland home was reported at 12:23 p.m. with money and jewelry taken.

Suspicious activity at a home in Surfside was reported at 6:03 p.m.

Nov. 22 — Theft of electricity was reported at 8:16 a.m. in Ocean Park.

A burglary in progress was reported at 6:07 p.m. in Surfside.

At 11:11 p.m. in Surfside, a suspicious vehicle was reported parked at a home for five hours and no one is to be there.

Nov. 23 — At 8:39 a.m. in Seaview, a man said he was robbed and $50 was taken from his wallet.

An assault victim was reported at the hospital in Raymond at 7:44 p.m.

Nov. 24 — At 2:23 p.m. near Raymond, a dog was left tied on a rope out in the rain with no shelter.

At 5:01 p.m. a man was walking naked on a trail; he went in on 2nd Street.

An allegedly intoxicated female was reported “passed out on her porch” at 11:35 p.m. The caller said two guys from a bar dropped her off at her home.

Nov. 25 — Suspicious activity was reported in Nahcotta at 12:51 a.m.

At 12:24 p.m. in Ocean Park, an elderly lady was sitting in the brush, and the caller was unsure if she needed help.

A home burglary was reported at 1:22 p.m. in Ocean Park after a stool was found out in the road and the home door and gate were found open with “all kinds of stuff” near the door to be taken.

Suspicious activity was reported in Ocean Park at 2:32 p.m.

Stalking was reported at 3:44 p.m. in Nahcotta.

At 5:04 p.m. in Ocean Park, someone pushed an old RV across the street and left at a home.

Criminal trespassing was reported in Nahcotta at 6:51 p.m.


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