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Van Adam Davis bases photo career in Pacific County

By Melissa Vergara

For the Observer

Published on August 28, 2018 3:59PM

Van Adam Davis photography career from his home in north Pacific County.

Van Adam Davis photography career from his home in north Pacific County.

Photographer Van Adam Davis specializes on musical performances like this one.

Courtesy of VA Davis Photography

Photographer Van Adam Davis specializes on musical performances like this one.

PACIFIC COUNTY — Facebook is full of inspirational memes. All this inspiration drives many to tackle dreams and passions; however, most are forgetten after a few days and life returns to routine. There are those few that never forget and risk everything to realize their passion. Finding these people is few and far between. Van Adam Davis, of VA Davis Photography, is one of the people that found there was no other choice for him besides photographing the beauty around him and the memories of others.

To hear Davis tell the story of how he became a photographer is compelling. His then-job as a certified nurses assistant was so stressful that he looked for a hobby to diffuse the stress. He started looking at the stars, with a telescope that was given to him as a gift, and found he wanted to share the images saw.

One night he ran into a couple of people trying to capture the beauty of the aurora borealis. They showed him the pictures they had taken and let Davis take a couple pictures of his own with their cameras. It was the perfect mix of the spectacular and skill.

Soon after, Davis purchased a camera. He made the decision to quit his job, and become a photographer. He was committed to photography no matter what kind of lifestyle it meant or what sacrifice it required.

“I pretty much learned how to use a camera in the dark, in the desert, trying to take pictures of the stars and trying to get the aurora borealis,” said Davis.

He moved from North Carolina to Washington. Davis had no place to live and no job. He lived in his car for a while because he knew he wanted to devote his energy to photography. He decided he would rather be poor and do what he loved rather than going back to a career where he was unhappy.

“The main goal is to do something you are passionate about and support yourself doing it,” said Davis.

Davis started with nature pictures as he honed his photographic skills. The night he went to photograph a DJ in a small bar was a natural extension of his love of music and his ability to capture the emotions of people as they enjoyed music. He found taking event photos is what he loved and was the source of his photographic passion.

Flexibility is a must for VA Davis Photography. Davis exercises his flexibility by taking pictures of community events as well as concerts. He takes pictures of real estate listings, Airbnb listings, menu listings, weddings, and corporate or business events. He hopes to grow his business while taking part in the community he loves.

He belongs to “Wash Away No More,” a nonprofit organization, for that reason. He is not only a member, but takes their pictures as well. He hopes to help others be aware of the organization’s mission. Davis also supports North Willapa Artist Community and Seattle Hempfest.

Davis dreams of going on tour with an artist that creates one of the many genres of music he enjoys.

With his perseverance and work ethic it is almost possible to hear the knock on his studio door.

To find out more go to: www.facebook.com/VADavisPhotog.


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