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Published on June 13, 2017 5:07PM

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Pacific County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the 28th day of March, 2017 at the hour of 10:00 A.M., or as soon thereafter as possible, to consider an application received from the Beach Barons Car Club requesting a permit under Assembly Ordinance No. 35B for an event to be held September 9 & 10, 2017 on Wilson Field located in Ocean Park, WA. The hearing will be conducted in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, 1216 W. Robert Bush Drive, South Bend, WA. Any person may appear and offer their comments regarding the Assembly Permit Application and at the conclusion of the public hearing, the Board will determine whether the requirements of Ordinance No. 35B have been, or likely will be, met before the anticipated start of the social event or assembly. This facility is “barrier free” and accessible by those with physical disabilities. Aids will be provided upon request for those with language/speaking or hearing impediments. Requests need to be received at least five (5) business days prior to this hearing. Requests may be filed in person at the Commissioners’ Office/Courthouse Annex, 1216 W. Robert Bush Drive, South Bend, Washington, by mail P.O. Box 187, South Bend, WA 98586, or phone 360/875-9337. Marie Guernsey, Clerk of the Board Published June 14, 2017 Legal No. 179-17


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