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Published on February 7, 2018 10:10AM

SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON, COUNTY OF PACIFIC JUVENILE COURT NOTICE AND SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NO.: 18-7-00006-25 DEPENDENCY OF: CHESKA FOX TO: KATEY WEISER, RYAN FOX, JOHN DOE A Dependency Petition was filed on 1/22/18; a Fact Finding hearing will be held on this matter on 4/3/2018, at 9:00 a.m. at Pacific County Superior Court, 300 Memorial Drive, 2nd Floor, South Bend, Washington. YOU SHOULD BE PRESENT AT THIS HEARING. The hearing will determine if your child is dependent as defined in RCW 13.34.050(5). This begins a judicial process which could result in permanent loss of your parental rights. If you do not appear at the hearings the court may enter a dependency order in your absence. To request a copy of the Notice, Summons and Dependency Petition, call DSHS at 360-875-4200. To view information about your rights in this proceeding go to www.atg.wa.gov/DPT.aspx. Dated 1/24/2018 by direction of Douglas Goelz, Judge; Virginia Leach, Clerk by Elaine Buchannan, Deputy Clerk. Published Feb. 7, Feb. 14 and Feb. 21, 2018 Legal 042-18


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