PENINSULA — The Fifth Annual Harvest Haul food drive for the Peninsula brought in nearly 3,000 pounds of food for the Ilwaco and Ocean Park food banks, a jump from last year’s efforts by over 1,000 pounds.

Ohana Media Group Radio, Okie’s Thriftway Market, Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union Harvest Haul also raked in more than $2,700 in cash donations for the food banks, according to a press release from OMG. Cash donations of $1,000 were made by both the Peninsula Rotary and Vince and Roxanne Williams of Warrenton KIA — major factors in a new record for total cash donated.

Bins donated by the Long Beach Dennis Company were delivered around the Peninsula and donations began Oct. 5.

Ocean Park Elementary School, Long Beach Elementary School and Hilltop School also collected food for the Harvest Haul.

Local businesses such as Cottage Bakery, Subway of Long Beach and Box K Auto provided prizes for the classes that collected the most. The winners included Mrs. Hinde’s class from Long Beach Elementary, Miss Bruncke’s room from Ocean Park Elementary and the seventh grade class at Hilltop School.

The drive concluded with a live remote Halloween afternoon, with Dave Martin of Eagle Country 103.9 at Okie’s Thriftway Market in Ocean Park and Shaun O’Connor of Clammy 99.7 at Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union in Long Beach.


• Ocean Park Food Bank: 949 pounds of food total and $1,297 in cash donations

• Ilwaco Food Bank: 1,988 pounds of food total and $1,470 in cash donations

• Total Harvest Haul contributions 2015: 2,937 pounds of food and $2,767 in cash donations

• Total Harvest Haul contributions 2014: 1,802 pounds of food and $1,557 in cash donations

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