SOUTH BEND — Six more cases of covid-19 were reported in Pacific County on Wednesday, including two students who attend the Ocean Beach School District.

According to the Pacific County Health and Human Services Department, three of the new reported cases have been confirmed, while the other three cases are probable and awaiting confirmation. As of Oct. 20, the county’s total count sits at 115 cases, with 10 of the cases still active.

One of the confirmed cases is a preschool student at the Ocean Beach Early Childhood Center in Long Beach, while a probable case is a second grader at Long Beach Elementary. The department said public health nurses are in the process of contacting all students and staff from these classrooms, in addition to any other close contacts, and will be instructing them to quarantine for 14 days and get tested.

In a statement Wednesday night, OBSD said on Thursday, Oct. 21, students, staff and parents who have covid-19 symptoms can get tested at the Long Beach Fire Department from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., with no appointment being necessary. The district said the school will also reach out to families on Thursday with plans for remote learning during the quarantine period.

Of the six new cases, four are linked to positive cases in another state, including two children age 10 or younger. One of the cases, also a child age 10 or younger, is not linked to any other known cases, and the other case is a child age 10 or younger and linked to a positive case in the same household.

Pacific County Health and Human Services strongly encourages the public to limit non-essential travel, maintain social distancing of at least six feet between persons, and practice personal protective measures to include: correctly wearing a mask/face covering in public, washing hands often with soapy water for at least 20 seconds, and avoid touching your face. For up to date information and guidance, please monitor the Pacific County Health and Human Services Facebook page or visit

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so as far as the newspaper clipping about the Department of heath reported that with the 2 new cases of Covid 19 in the Long Beach elementary,and the Early Childhood, The Department of Heath stated they strongly encourage the public to non essential travel,as well as 6ft social distanceing! I was driveing by Ocean Park Elementary today 10/22/2020 and I couldnt help but notice there were several children on the playground running,playing ball,and on the school equipment,everyone was all over as well as rubbing,touching,way behond the 6 ft social distansing. so why does the Highly paid qualified indeviduals get to make the rules about protecting everyone,and the other half of the highly paid indeviduals sit back and dont follow the rules the Health Department encourages,as well as what the Governor of the State of Washington sets out for us Washintonians! There are hundreds of people out there that arent qualified to make the decisions about our saftey,but Id say 95% of them can follow the rules and except the consequences of not following the rules set forth! the community is all so worried about calling the authorities about non sence things like calling on a man walking his dog on the beach(suspicious person) or a bear getting into the garbage! waisted time and tax payers money for the authorities to be called on,the community should be concerned with the authorities enforceing the rules about the Covid 19 pandemic! Is it the salt water down here interfering with peoples thought process? so my point here is that if there is a Pandemic throughout this world,lets use our heads and make the right choices and follow the rules for the children and people around us so we may be safe,well,and able to continue the life God has given us! (sorry about the spelling)

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