LONG BEACH — Retired Bank of the Pacific chief Dennis Long will retain his seat on the Pacific County Fire District No. 1 Board of Commissioners, based on Friday’s updated vote count that showed him ahead of challenger Steve Kolvach 64% to 35%. Tuesday's count showed similar results.

Long’s win and other results remain subject to change by late-arriving ballots, which are typically added to the total later in election week. Counts were updated Friday afternoon, and are scheduled for a final count on Thursday, Nov. 14.

Another local contested race, between Don Richter and Michael Turner for Pacific and Wahkiakum County Superior Court judge, was much closer Tuesday night and Friday afternoon. As of Friday afternoon, Richter’s total was 3,343 votes to Turner’s 3,127, or 51.38% to 48.06%. It is conceivable that late-arriving ballots could shift the result.

The initial voter turnout Tuesday night was a low 29.31% in Pacific County, with only 4,546 ballots counted out of 15,509 registered voters. County election officials estimated around 750 ballots will straggle in later this week.

As of Friday afternoon, turnout was 46.4%, with 7,196 ballots counted.

Most local candidacies were unopposed. In Ilwaco, physician Dave Cundiff received 68.64% of votes against opponent James Berglund, who endorsed Cundiff.

Similarly, Sue Svendsen will join the Long Beach City Council with 71.36% of Friday’s total versus Donald McGuire Jr., who did not campaign.

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