November Happenings in History

Nov. 22, 1906: Morse Code was accepted as the universal S.O.S. signal for ships in distress.

Nov. 4, 1922: British Archaeologist Howard Carter and his crew discover the entrance to the tomb of King Tutankhamen in the valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Nov. 20, 1945: The Nuremberg trials begin. The international tribunal was made up of representatives from the United States, Soviet Union, France and Great Britain.

Nov. 22, 1963: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas.

The Local Pages

Nov. 17, 1905, Pacific Journal:

Captain Stewart of the Canby life-saving station was in town Tuesday and while here received notice that this station would soon receive one of the latest life boats supplied by the Government. It will be 34 ft. long and will contain an engine to drive it… Point Adams will also soon receive a new surf boat 34 ft. long, but equipped only with oars and sail.

Nov. 8, 1963, The Tribune:

The three-story 34-room Long Beach Hotel, which had stood on the corner of Pacific and Bolstad Avenues for the past 68 years, disappeared in one day Wednesday. The pioneer structure was leveled and burned to make room for a new development planned by Will Monnes.

Nov. 19, 1981, Chinook Observer:

County Commissioners have declared Pacific County a “disaster area” in the wake of storms over the weekend that some believe were as damaging as the Columbus Day storm of 1962. The business district of Raymond had 4 to 5 feet of standing water and elderly residents had to be evacuated. A wind gauge owned by a resident of Sahalee in Ilwaco registered 101 mph at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

30 Years Ago, Nov. 27, 1991, Chinook Observer:

Frenchman’s row across the Pacific ends at Ilwaco port. The Frenchman did it. He rowed from Japan to the USA, surviving harrowing experiences in an epic journey that started July 11. At noon last Thursday, an exhausted Gerard d’Aboville rowed his small craft into Slip 42 in Ilwaco to the cheers of about 500 local residents and members of the press… after finishing his 6300-mile quest… he was forced to give up his struggle… a few miles off the Washington coast and let the Miss Mary, a commercial fishing boat tow him over the treacherous Columbia River bar.

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