Anyway, we're continuing with the scenario of "Dad" trying to get information he needs, while trying not to get buried in information he doesn't need. Sometimes, he's sorry he ever asked ...

One of the goals we mentioned at the community health forum was navigating the information and resources that are already out there and the need for streamlining. We hope to be very active in making this work. After all, how many "Well-that-was-a-waste-of-time" calls do you want to make?

So, back to Dad, and let's see how this works. Last time, we saw him getting a little ... irritable because he knows how to get things done ... or so he thought. And he is determined to somehow find information about what resources may be helpful to him, how it all works and what the processes are. He was out somewhere, hot on the trail and still determined, and remembers seeing some kind of resource directory for seniors in Pacific County. Asking around, he's told it was one put out by the Olympic Area Agency on Aging - great. Another agency he's never heard of. More asking - finally someone tells him to call Senior Information & Assistance, and maybe they know. Gritting his teeth to prepare himself for another possible dance, he picks-up the phone.

Dad immediately learns two things: 1) He doesn't have to navigate through sixteen different "push-this-button-for" options. (Our satellite offices are small enough to actually have people answer the phone); and 2) Olympic Area Agency on Aging and Senior I & A are somehow connected. Not too bad a start. It's possible we are out in the field (high probability) or on another line, so Dad's asked to leave his name, number and what we can do for him. And guess what? Dad gets a call back!

Now, Dad hasn't gotten this far by purposely setting himself up for frustration. He's been buried in irrelevant information before and has no desire to dig his way out of another pile. "Just mail me one of those directories. I just need information. Thank you." We've seen enough gun-shy folks out there to have learned not to push. We ask if there's anything else we can help with. ("No, thank you. Just the directory right now.") And we let him know that if he has any questions, give us a call. ("I can do that," he says, thinking, We'll see.)

And we will...

Senior Information & Assistance

Long Beach: 642-3634/1-888-571-6558

Raymond: 942-2177/1-888-571-6557

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