ILWACO - In conjunction with an art walk evening, Thursday, Sept. 6, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Shoalwater Cove Gallery will present aspecial preview and reception for artists Shelly Hedges and Melanie Thompson. The exhibition includes intriguing mixed media works utilizing recycled and found materials and fibers, by Ocean Park artist, Shelly Hedges. In addition, colorful organic forms in clay will be shown by Melanie Thompson from Hood River, Ore.

Hedges describes her motivation to create from found objects: "After working with fabric for awhile, I began seeing all sorts of things as possible yardage or quilting materials: candy wrappers, wine foils, cocktail umbrellas, used stamps, sugar packets, bottle caps ... an ongoing magpie list of precious bits of color, different textures, tiny pictures and patterns on things designed to be thrown away. I like the idea of being able to see the potential in things that are on the periphery."

Thompson characterizes her work as "a method I call slab-casting. Using a one-piece plaster form, I pool slip and let it sit until it becomes a 'slab' that can be manipulated with sponges and carving tools into the desired composition. It's very labor intensive, but results in each piece being unique by nature of the process."

So stop by Shoalwater Cove Gallery, on the waterfront at the Port of Ilwaco, for an exciting art experience during the last Art Walk of the summer! Both artists will be on hand to meet and greet visitors. For more information contact the gallery at 877-665-4382, (, (

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