Beach, dunes and comfortable family traditions meet in Seaview (video)


Seaview was founded in 1881 by Jonathon L. Stout and his wife Anne Elizabeth Gearhart, daughter of Phillip Gearhart, for whom the town in northwest Oregon is named. The two villages share parallel traditions of history and charm.

Seaview is located between Ilwaco and Long Beach but has a character very distinct from its two neighbors. It is, most would agree, one of the Peninsula's most "classy" villages.

Seaview is home to some wonderful B&Bs and restaurants, including the comfortable and classy Shelburne Inn - a National Historical Landmark.

Seaview's waterfront is a popular launching spot for walks south and north on the Northwest's longest beach.

It is somewhat less busy in the summer than the Long Beach access to the north, and thus makes for a more peaceful setting.

It is in Seaview where growth (also called accretion) of the beach is most noticeable, with 2,000 feet or more of dunes separating the village's original shoreline from the ocean today. This means several shipwreck sites lie under what is now dry land, including those of the Vandalia which wrecked in 1853 with a loss of nine lives, and the Marie, which wrecked in 1852, also with a loss of nine.

Best attractions on the Seaview beach: This is a classic Northwest beach, the original seashore resort for the Portland elite, and deservedly so. There are miles of clean sand, many shorebirds, friendly people and pretty views of the distant cliffs and bobbing crab boats.

The new Discovery Trail threads its way through the Seaview dunes, providing a walking/biking path from north Long Beach to Ilwaco.

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