Bear fund winner donates computer to Ocean Park School

<I>ELIZABETH LONG photo</I><BR>Ocean Beach School Principal Bette Arne (left) accepts the Bear Fund computer donated by raffle winner Laurel Kelly, left center. Ed Ketel, William G. Mundy and Katherine Lindblad sponsor the raffle each year to raise money for the fund.

SEAVIEW - This year, not only will homeless and disadvantaged animals benefit from the Bear fund, local school children will too.

The fund was established by William G. Mundy to honor his beloved dog, a Lhasa Apso named Bear. Every year since Bear's death, Mundy has assembled a computer in his Ocean Park shop, CCME Avenger Computer Systems, then donated it to the Oceanside Animal Clinic to be raffled off at $10 a ticket. The money raised is used to pay for medical care for homeless animals and special cases, at the discretion of veterinarians Katherine Lindblad and Ed Ketel.

This time Laurel Kelly of Federal Way received the winning ticket. But Kelly already has a computer she's happy with. So she decided to donate the computer to the Ocean Park Elementary School.

Bette Arne, school principal, said the computer will probably be placed in the library so the most children possible will have access to it. The computer will benefit children participating in programs such as Peninsula Learns and gifted programs as well as those who just want to do some extra research

"Its all set up and ready to go," said Mundy.

Arne said the school is grateful for the gift. "We really don't have enough computers for every child," she said.

This year the raffle raised $3,355 for the animals, $1,500 of which was a matching fund once again donated by Todd Kaino of Lighthouse Realty. Already, $1,800 of the fund has been used.

The Bear Fund has become much more than an annual raffle. Lindblad said people have started contributing to the fund year-round. One person regularly sends in $30 a month. Others randomly donate throughout the year.

"It doesn't end," said Lindblad. "It has a life of its own now."

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