'Cellobration - Art of the Solo Cello'

'Cellobration - Art of the Solo Cello'

On Saturday, Jan. 17 at 7:15 p.m., the strains of the cello will once again echo in the open-beamed living room of Seaview's 111-year-old Sou'wester Lodge. Classically trained cellist and composer John Ames, who has always played to packed houses at the Sou'wester, now returns for his fourth performance: "A Cellobration - The Art of the Solo Cello."

The photo features Ames at the famous Burning Man Arts Festival in Nevada in September 2003 - sure testament to the rich, wide ranging musical passions of this committed artist.

The evening illustrates the versatility of the cello in the hands of a creative composer and performer. The program ranges from works by Telemann, Pachelbel, and Eric Satie, to original music for solo cello that utilizes 20th century digital technology. The performance at the Sou'wester is the culmination of Ames' two-year project of solo cello music.

Performing in Seattle since 1984, Ames started his musical studies in Los Angeles at 9-years-old, studying with JoAnne Johanson and Caesar Pascarella. Later at the University of California at Santa Cruz he studied with Elizabeth LeGuin (cello), David Copeland (20th century music) and Gordon Mumma. (electronic music and theory).

Everyone is welcome at this casual, musical experience. Light complimentary refreshments are provided. Admission is free - voluntary donations, all of which go to charity are appreciated. The artist and the lodge provide their services free. Because of limited seating, however, advance reservations are recommended. For more information, or to make a reservation, call the Sou'wester Lodge at 642-2542.

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