Chinook Lutheran Church aiming for 170 quilts for World Relief

Cliff Nelson, left, and Rob Nellor, both of Chinook, work to finish this year's crop of quilts at Chinook Lutheran Church. The quilts will be on display at the church from noon to 2 p.m. the last Sunday in April.

CHINOOK - As of March 19, members of Chinook Lutheran Church had made and tied 120 quilts destined for shipment in early May to Lutheran World Relief. The quilts will be sent throughout the world.

They hope to finish at least another 50 by Easter. The quilts will be on display for public view in the church pews after April 23 until Quilt Sunday, during the worship service on April 27. Members will box the quilts for shipment April 30.

Among other items, the church is taking donations of new soap in their original wraps. The goal for 2003 is 1,000 pounds.

LWR sent material resources totaling 2,103 tons, worth $14.6 million to 26 countries overseas in 2002. Material resources include quilts and blankets, school kits, health kits, sewing kits, layettes, soap and clothing.

Members involved in the quilting at Chinook Lutheran Church are Korine Nelson, Suzanne Leonard, Betty Nelson, Lora Rhodes, Lydia Fauver, Barbara Wallin, Joyce Leech, Donna Kopplien, Dottice Heiner, Hilga Anderson, Audrey Johnson, Virginia Couch, Barbara Phillips, Judy Johnson, Barbara Hughes, Millie Malchow, Loucille Hawke and Donna Kust. Cliff Nelson and Rob Nellor do the tying.

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