LONG BEACH - The Neptune Twin Cinemas offers family and classic movies with no charge for admission. All ages will be admitted free of charge, subject to capacity. All family and classic shows begin at 1 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 14 - "The Jolson Story" is a 1946 musical biography which purports to tell the life story of singer Al Jolson. It stars Larry Parks as Jolson. The film was a tremendous financial success, and won Academy Awards for Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture and Best Sound, Recording, and was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Larry Parks), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (William Demarest), Best Cinematography, Color and Best Film Editing.

Wednesday, Jan. 21 - **Double Feature** "The Nutty Professor" is a Paramount Pictures feature film starring Jerry Lewis and Stella Stevens; and "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" starring Don Knotts.

In "The Nutty Professor," Professor Julius Kelp (Lewis), is a nerdy, unkempt, buck-toothed, introverted, socially inept university professor who always incurs the wrath of the university administration by continually destroying the classroom laboratory. When a football-playing bully humiliates him, Kelp invents a serum that turns him into the extremely smooth, cool, and somewhat obnoxious girl-chasing hipster, Buddy Love. This newfound persona gives him the confidence to pursue one of his students, Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens).

"The Incredible Mr. Limpet" is a 1964 live-action/animated film from Warner Brothers about a human named Henry Limpet who turns into a talking fish and helps the U.S. Navy to defeat Nazis using his new "thrum," an intense noise that disrupts underwater instruments and weapons. Don Knotts plays the title character.

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