Columbia River ELITE cheerleaders are 'the bomb'

<I>KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo</I><BR>Janie Bean, Alicia Langstom, Kayla Coffin, Kaylie Granlund, Keely Kirby, Cearia Coffin, Amanda Schisler, Alyssa Cousineau, Danae Suprunowski, Katie Powell, Lida Sanchez, Kelsey Madsen.

ILWACO - They are young, they are good, and they work very hard at what they do. The Columbia River ELITE cheerleaders (CER) under the direction of Sheryl Schisler are all that. Twelve young ladies have been practicing faithfully and effectively so that they can perform cheerleading and dance routines before enormous crowds at amazing venues.

On Nov. 13 the girls will be at the Rose Garden in Portland to strut their stuff at the Trailblazer game with the Toronto Raptors. In the spring they will perform at a Seattle Supersonics NBA game. The CER will also perform at Pacific and Clatsop County high school football and basketball games throughout the year. The young ladies are scheduled to perform at the Loyalty Day Parade in May, the Portland Starlight Parade in June, and Astoria's Regatta Parade in August.

According to Schisler, "The squad is a year-round commitment and is open to all Pacific and Clatsop county boys and girls ages 10- to 13-years-old. There are 20 spots available." At the present time 12 young ladies are on the CER.

The CER is a non-profit organization according to Schisler. Donations have been made by Sid's IGA; Okie's Sentry Market; The Bank of the Pacific; River City School of Arts and Crafts; Western Real Estate Services; Lightship Restaurant; Powell, Seiler and Co., P.S.; Creative Floor Factors; Sunset View Resort; Hill and Son Excavating; Evergreen Septic; and Shelley Kirby/CAD Design.

The squad has been paying extra attention to the area of gymnastics. It is a goal of Schisler to have every member performing combinations of cartwheels, round-offs, standing tucks and round-off back handsprings.

The CER squad practices Tuesday and Sunday. Anyone interested in having their son or daughter join the cheer squad may call Schisler at 665-5075 or e-mail her at (

Members include Janie Bean, Alyssa Cousineau, Cearia Coffin, Kayla Coffin, Kaylie Granlund, Kelsey Madsen, Katie Powell, Amanda Schisler, Danae Suprunowski, Alicia Langstom, Lida Sanchez, Keely Kirby.

Volunteers Jessica Heriot and Sadie Newell have provided excellent instruction and served as role models for the young cheer squad.

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