RAYMOND - First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, as portrayed by Storyteller Debbie Dimitre at the second annual program in the Northwest Carriage Museum, was pinned with a corsage by Lynne Goodwin, owner of FlowersbyLynne in Raymond. The petite Debbie - when she puts on her gloves and assumes that distinctive voice - believably becomes the tall, ungainly Eleanor.

Herself as Debbie before and after the presentation, this storyteller answers questions and gathers more material for a book she is assembling about the former first lady. When Debbie has done this presentation since she began storytelling 20 years ago, there has been at least one person in the audience with a personal experience anecdote. With her husband's encouragement - it was his idea in the first place - Debbie takes down names and follows up any who can add to the collection. It is the oldest generation with the Roosevelt memories, and their numbers dwindle.

After the program, storyteller Debbie received a bouquet in thanks for her usual fine performance. The beautiful red "Freedom" rose was chosen for corsage and bouquet when Lynne learned there is no Eleanor Roosevelt rose.

The florist confided the lack of a rose named for the writer who did so much for her country and served the world through her work in the United Nations as a widow on request of her husband's successor, Harry S. Truman.

Eleanor Roosevelt Day - nationally the second Monday in August since 1994 - has been observed in Pacific County since 2003. The storyteller program is sponsored by Northwest Carriage Museum and Willapa DAWN, and information on the quest for an Eleanor Roosevelt rose please contact (anne@willapabay.org)

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