Emily MacDonald named 2006 Jr. Miss Loyalty

Jr. Miss Loyalty Erin McDonald, right of center, dances with the Jr. Miss court of Tawnie Nesbitt, Tishina Gray, Jackie Smith and Miranda Kretz at Saturday's coronation.<I><BR>LARRY KELLIS photo</I>

LONG BEACH - Emily MacDonald was given the title of 2006 Jr. Miss Loyalty at the coronation celebration, held Friday night at the Long Beach Elementary School.

The coronation began with the presenting of the colors by the United States Coast Guard Color Guard from Cape Disappointment. The Star Spangled Banner was sung by the Ocean Park Sandpiper Singers under the direction of Suzanne Knutzen. The Sandpiper singers are fifth graders from the Ocean Park elementary school. Jr. Miss Loyalty Kiana Ecclestone was there to introduce last year's court and each gave a brief statement about their most memorable moment. The 2006 girls were then brought on stage where they introduced themselves and welcomed everyone. The MC for Jr. Miss Coronation was Mark Dobney, who was assisted by 2005 Miss Loyalty, Sadie Newell.

The princesses were each asked to answer two questions during their oral presentation. The first was "What does patriotism mean to you?" and "If chosen as Jr. Miss Loyalty 2006 how would you exhibit patriotism within our community?" After the girls answered their questions they went back stage to get ready for their dance routine. During this time the 2006 Miss Loyalty Court performed a dance to the song, Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue by Toby Keith. The Sandpiper Singers performed five songs and then the Jr. Court came out to perform a dance routine to Lee Greenwood's "The Great Defenders." A special visitor, Uncle Sam, came and danced with the little girls and spoke to the audience about the Civic Service project in which stuffed bears are being sold to raise money to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan. He urged the audience to buy the bears that were on sale in the lobby during intermission. Happily, 36 bears were sold that evening, totaling $180 dollars. The bears cost $5 each and donations of care package supplies are also greatly welcomed and appreciated. The first care package will be sent and received as close to the Fourth of July as possible, since the unit will be in Afghanistan at that time.

After a brief intermission where cookies and punch were served, winners from the Loyalty Days poster contest were awarded. The girls then came back to the center stage and received their titles. Miss Friendship 2006 went to Tawnie Nesbitt; Miss Lighthouse was Jackie Smith, Miss Goldfinch was Miranda Kretz, Miss Rhododendron was Tishina Gray, and the 2006 Jr. Miss Loyalty went to Emily MacDonald.

The evening was a huge success with a number of thank yous and compliments on the girls' speeches and dance routine.

The next event for the Jr. Court is Wednesday, April 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the Golden Sands retirement center.

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