Linetta (Roby) Warner, left, and Shasta Stolle take a break during rehearsals for “Scrooged in Astoria,” playing at the Astor Street Opry Co. Playhouse through Dec. 22. The Long Beach Peninsula pair enjoy the camaraderie among the cast and crew.

ASTORIA — Linetta Warner and Shasta Stolle are having the time of their lives.

The Long Beach Peninsula actresses are appearing in the Christmas musical “Scrooged in Astoria!”

The show opens Friday and runs three more weekends at the Astor Street Opry Co. Playhouse in Astoria.

It is an irreverent retelling of “A Christmas Carol” in a form that Charles Dickens might not recognize. The Scrooge character is Krooke, the villain from ASOC’s long-running summer musical “Shanghaied in Astoria.”

Family is a key element backstage at many amateur theater troupes, but especially ASOC. This year’s “Scrooged” is co-directed by Stephanie Osborn and her husband, Jon Osborn. Their daughter, Melody, is making her debut as an angel — at just 18 weeks old. Jon’s father, Jim Osborn, appears, too.

Stephanie Osborn said she is delighted that Warner and Stolle auditioned.

“Every show we do we become like a big family and that’s really fun,” the director said.

That behind-the-scenes teamwork during the holiday melodrama is something both Warner and Stolle savor.

Linetta Warner graduated from Ilwaco High School last summer and recently married Matthew Warner, another enthusiastic Long Beach Peninsula actor. As Kiki Roby, she appeared in the Peninsula Association of Performing Artists’ musicals “She Loves Me” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

At 18, she was selected as part of Stephanie Osborn’s creative idea to add some incongruous age and height discrepancies to her cast. Warner’s character, Virginia Olson, is a good-natured older woman, worn out by bearing five children and heavily pregnant with twins.

Warner delights in the silliness.

“It’s definitely a change from PAPA, but the sense of community is still there,” she said. “That’s why I like theater — it’s the camaraderie.”

Stolle is a sophomore at IHS. She has been cast as Saint Lucia, the Ghost of Christmas Future, one of the three spirits who appear before Scrooge (Krooke) to persuade him change his miserly ways. The show’s writer, Judith Niland, described the ghost as a “sweet-hearted angel with a dark side.”

Having helped with lights for “Little Shop of Horrors,” and been enthralled with IHS’s production of “Hero Squad vs. The World’s Angriest Cow,” Stolle wanted to become more visible.

“I love singing and acting, and I always wanted to be in something like this,” she said. “I am enjoying it a lot. Everybody is really nice.”

She marked the auditions on her calendar after she saw ASOC’s summer show. “I saw ‘Shanghaied’ six times and they said, ‘You should try out for ‘Scrooged.’ It is great working with Stephanie and I play a sassy, colorful character.”

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