Catherine “Kay” McGowan Garvin (1911-2010) grew up in the town which had the same name as she did — a circumstance she didn’t much like as a child. But, at least, she once confided, she was spared going to the McGowan School. When the railroad tunnel went through in the early 1900s and transportation to Chinook was easier, the school at McGowan was discontinued and children attended the Chinook School.

“We drove up and over the Fort Columbia Hill,” recalled Kay. “At first we went in a Model T Ford that had curtains of isinglass. Yitz Herring drove. It was a lousy road — just one lane wide with pull-outs every now and then. There wasn’t much traffic, but if you did meet another vehicle, one car had to back up or down until they reached a pull-out so the other car could pass. Riding to school must have frightened me because I wrote a will… just in case. I was about six.”

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