Columbia River ferry

Shown here is the first regularly scheduled auto-ferry, Tourist, operated by its owner Capt. Fritz Elfving. It began its regular run between Megler and Astoria during the summer of 1921. Prior to that, passengers crossed the Columbia River by launch or, perhaps, by canoe or fishing boat.

The earliest hospital in the Lower Columbia region was begun in 1880 when the Sisters of Providence founded St. Mary’s Hospital in Astoria. It was the first and only hospital in the region until the early 1900s.

In 1919, the Finnish community began raising money for a second hospital in Astoria — the Columbia Hospital — but were unable to raise enough money. The Lutheran Church’s Augustana synod took over the fundraising and the hospital opened in 1927 on 16th Street at Franklin Avenue.

There followed additional fundraising, a new corporation, and by 1970, the facility had been renamed Columbia Memorial Hospital. By that time, the Astoria-Megler Bridge had been open for four years and travel across it was becoming routine — even for ambulances or for those on their way to the hospital for non-emergency medical procedures.

But by then, the Long Beach Peninsula had boasted a hospital of its own for more than thirty years. In fact, they were outgrowing their second facility and looking toward a third. All of Pacific County was finally on the cutting edge when it came to modern medical care!

May 13, 2021

Hi Tom,

Enclosed please find a check for $60.00 to replace the last mowing payment from us. Pam may be right — you might have managed to deposit it or cash it, but we have not record of it going through our account. So… either way, we want you to have this. Take your sweetie out to dinner or buy her some posies. She needs every perk she can get!

We are STILL suffering the aftermath of being hacked. It happened the same day you mowed last. “They” got into Nyel’s computer and he just happened to go onto his online banking site and actually watched money leaving his account, $100 at a time!!! He called the bank right while it was happening, they froze his account and then the fun began.

That account was closed for good the following Monday and we were issued new checking and savings acct. numbers and began notifying everyone who might have outstanding checks from us or who make deposits directly to us (like Social Security.)

Meanwhile, we had both of our computers “wiped” and checked. Mine was untouched but Nyel’s was a mess — all his document files were gone including all emails and email address file, etc. etc. He will be rebuilding things for a long, long time.

And… worst of all, the bank seemed to blame us and so we had to go up the chain of command before they would take responsibility for putting an app on our Online Banking Account (without our permission) which ultimately allowed the hackers to get in. It took several weeks but they finally replaced the money that was stolen but I’ll never feel quite as secure banking with them again.

We are so sorry that all of this came right at the time of Pam’s mother’s passing. We know you were maxed out and hope you understand that we were, too, for a whole different set of reasons. Eugene is now mowing for us but you are still on our ‘A List’ and our current arrangement needs to be changed, we hope we can call on you again.

Hugs to both of you!

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