RAYMOND — The Amish are famous for their low-tech lifestyles and elegant designs, and now a Pacific County museum has a wonderful example of one of their most iconic objects.

The most recent acquisition by Raymond’s Northwest Carriage Museum is a very early 1900 Amish road cart, which was given to the museum in November 2018. This beautiful two-wheeled gig required some minor wood repair, brass polishing and new paint.

“The Amish are incredible craftsman and we are so proud to finally have one of their beautiful and historic vehicles on display,” Curator Jerry Bowman said.

Steady growth

In 2002, when the Northwest Carriage Museum opened its doors, there were 21 carriages — contributed by life-long Pacific County businessman Gary Dennis — and about 2,000 visitors per year. With its most recent addition, the museum has grown to 52 horse-drawn vehicles and is known throughout the country for its incredible historic collection.

The museum is Pacific County’s only tourist attraction open nearly every days — 363 days per year — and is now drawing around 10,000 visitors annually.

“We are so proud of becoming a destination point for travelers to the Pacific Northwest and for the positive economic impact these travelers bring to our area,” Executive Director Laurie Bowman said.

In addition to elegant carriages, the museum collection has grown to include many other historic types of horse drawn transportation pieces including wagons, buggies, sleighs and work related vehicles. The museum is also home to hundreds of other artifacts including clothing, tools, toys and pictures from the 19th and early 20th century period.

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