Kids score fun at Super Circus Sunday at local church

Sabrina Coffin and Christl Mack were the clowns in charge of face painting at Sunday's Super Circus at Peninsula Baptist Church. Local children and volunteers had a fun time. KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo

OCEAN PARK - If you're a kid, what is better than a circus? And if you're older, what's better than the Super Bowl? Well, imagine combining the two, inviting almost 200 youngsters from the Peninsula and calling it Super Circus Sunday.

That's exactly what Peninsula Baptist Church members did again this year, as approximately 50 volunteers took over the Dunes Bible Camp gymnasium for a great afternoon of fun and games for young people from kindergarten through fourth grade.

Associate Pastor Dave Cree said of Super Circus Sunday, "We wanted to provide something fun for the kids and we wanted to help give the parents an opportunity to enjoy the football game or to just have a break."

Some of the events included face painting, paper airplane volleyball, carnival games, and a form of indoor soccer where one of your feet is stuck to a piece of paper. There were many carnival games, basketball, and a huge feast of hot dogs, chips, and juice, all at no charge, of course.

A popular place to visit was the Joy Jump Petting Zoo, featuring a tarantula, a boa constrictor, several lizards and sundry snakes, and for the faint of heart, a turtle or two. Other popular entertainment was provided by Dan Wells, illusionist, and by the Friend Puppets.

"We wanted to share the message that God can be a fun God and that Christians of all ages do enjoy themselves," Cree said of the event.

Peninsula Baptist and the Dunes Camp have worked together since the mid-nineties to put on Super Circus Sunday on an almost annual basis.

Pastor Kerry Stroupe of PBC and Steve Holmes of the Dunes Bible Camp expressed their gratitude to the many parents who allowed their children to attend Super Circus Sunday. They also were very appreciative for all the help from volunteers, a few of whom admitted to having their VCR's set.

If you missed the event, well there are only 360-plus days until next year's Super Circus Sunday. And yes, there will probably be another boring ol' football game on TV that day.

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