Locals dominate 27th annual Beach to Chowder Run

It didn't seem to matter if you had two legs or four Saturday, as hundreds of people - and pets - hit the beach for the 27th annual Beach to Chowder Run.<BR><I>KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo</I>

Over 300 turnout for exercise, chowder

LONG BEACH - A refreshing westerly breeze off the Pacific was a perfect setting for the 27th annual Beach to Chowder Run that was dominated by Pacific County residents. The first three male and third through fifth female finishers in the 5K (3.1 mile) race were locals, and Ocean Park's Nate Appel had the fastest time in the 10K event.

More than 300 racers, runners and walkers began the event at 10 a.m. sharp at the beach approach at Bolstadt Avenue, and 17:09 later Mike Anderson, former Ilwaco High School track star crossed the finish line by averaging 5:31 a mile. He was closely followed by IHS sophomore John Hayes and 2003 grad Eddie Guelfi. They finished the 3.1 miles in 17:25 and 17:51.

Appel's time in the 6.2 mile run on the familiar-to-him, hard-packed sand was 37:35, an average of 6:03 per mile. IHS 2004 graduate Kari Knutzen was third in the women's 5K race, followed by 40-years young Lyn Baker in fourth, and Sarah Taylor, who helps Anderson assist coaching Ilwaco's track and cross country teams. The trio averaged 7:39, 7:55, and 7:58 miles.

Ilwaco's Jillian Guelfi, Erin Knick and Kathryn Freese swept the 16-19 female 5K age bracket, and Hayes and Mike Huitt were one-two in the same age group for the boys. Monica Millner won and Kyle Huitt was third in the 12-15 age category.

Kelly Jacobsen of Ilwaco was the winner in the 5K women's race. South Bend's Elizabeth Penoyer and Naselle's Jenelle Varila were 1st and 3rd in the 50-59 race. In the over 70 category Don Lutz was second, Phil Coffin third, and Jeannine Miller won the lady's run.

Robert Gibbons was second in the 10K 12-15 group, and Jessica Shafer was victorious in the 20-29 class for women. Royal Harshman was second in the 50-59 category in the 10K.

Over a dozen dogs and several babies in carriages crossed the finish line. IHS varsity track coach, Joe Williams, who is recovering from double knee replacement surgery, completed the race by riding on the back of an ATV owned by the city of Long Beach. He began the first 100 yards on his own but with the aid of a cane.

Following are the winners in the various age brackets.

5K Results:

Overall Male

Mike Anderson

John Hayes

Ed Guelfi

Overall Female

Tiffiny Hunter

Katrina Brett

Kari Knutzen


Ryan Flanagan

Dylan Beale

Ryan Hunter

Kayla Flanagan


William Anderson

Tyler Goff

Kyle Huitt

Monica Millner

Kinsey Laine

Tanya McCorkle


Mike Huitt

Jillian Guelfi

Erin Knick

Katie Freese


Ivan Fox

Randy Riley

Jason Simms

Sarah Taylor

Brittinie Riley

Katie Knapp


Eric Roley

Dave Hunter

Steve George

Kelly Jacobsen

Laura Thayer

Becky Hunter


Tim Douglas

Mark Davis

Dennis Gossler

Lyn Baker

Andrica Randall

Kathryn Rhodes


Al Beck

Peder Moluf

Richard Clark

Elizabeth Penoyer

Arlena Moluf

Jenelle Varilla


Mike Paul

Edward Johnson

Jeanette Johnson

Elinor Jensen

Helen dela Cruz

Over 70

Bjorn Topel

Don Lutz

Phil Coffin

Jeannine Miller

10K Results:


Roy Zion

Robert Gibbons

Steve Bergland


Joel Anderson

Tim Goode

Jessica Shafer

Christina Maiers

Bonny Byrd


Chris Jacobsen

Shawn Connelly

Louis Pinnell

Karen Flanagan

Jennifer Lowder

Vicki Davis


Phillip Hovanic

Frank Covelli

Michael Riley

Julie Simms

Patricia McDonald


Bruce Mason

Royal Harshman

Jim McCorkle

Karen Beck

Sarah Abernathy

Sue Holland


David Fisher

Thomas Wilcox

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