Mary Scaman makes Peninsula a prettier place for 44 years

<I>KEVIN HEIMBIGNER photo</I><BR>Mary Scaman continues to be an all-American girl.

LONG BEACH - Last Thursday Mary Scaman of Long Beach dressed up for the Fourth of July just to make people happy. She's like that.

"People here treat me like I'm Queen Elizabeth, so I try to do nice things for them," she relates.

She delivers home-made pies, cakes, and cookies to people to surprise them.

"People in the stores or who I meet when I walk are always being so friendly and honest. I think baking something for them is a good way to thank them."

Scaman moved to the beach 44 years ago with her late husband, Joe. The couple developed a cranberry bog.

"Joe created the bog and I landscaped it. I put flowers all around, had picnic tables with umbrellas, and at the entrance had a white fence with a pixie on top."

Scaman came into the world as a 3-pound baby in Cody, Wyo. Her parents ran the hotel there named after William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. When she was still very young, the couple packed up and moved to Wenatchee. She fondly remembers her parents taking her and two older sisters to Seattle to see the boats and to Lake Chelan to swim.

Scaman graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1944 and soon after married Joe. The couple settled in Yakima where he worked in the helicopter business. Upon retirement they moved to an older Victorian home near the Cranberry approach where they resided for the next 36 years.

After her husband passed away, she moved to the ridge in Long Beach where she can see the ocean and the lights of the crab fleet from her window.

"I love to stroll on the beach. I think walking is good for me," she says. Scaman often can be seen in her picture-perfect outfits going to and from downtown Long Beach to shop and visit. "I try to walk two miles a day unless it's raining and windy."

Scaman used to volunteer for PACE "until the traffic got too heavy," she says. "I used to help at Milton York's Candy Store as well. At the end of my walk I would just stop in and do what I wanted to help, and then I'd leave when I wanted to, which was nice."

She also enjoys going to musical events and viewing art work. Her son, Ronald, is an optometrist in Long Beach.

"I like everything about living here on the Peninsula," she says with her infectious smile. "I have nice memories of Joe, and now every one is so honest and friendly."

As she finishes decorating her home for the Fourth, she says, "I wish there was peace in the world and that everyone would make their own countries as pretty as they could." Mary Scaman is certainly doing that for those fortunate enough to share her little corner of the world.

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