Nahcotta: Honest, complex and cool

A bald eagle and a crow seem on deceptively friendly terms resting on pilings at the Port of Peninsula last year. HOWARD TEAGUE photo

Nahcotta is one of the Peninsula's "in" places to live and visit, with its cool culture anchored by the Moby Dick Hotel - which serves delicious meals - and by one of Washington's best restaurants, The Ark.

Nahcotta boasts a colorful beginning, marked by a bitter rivalry between two Peninsula pioneers on either side of railroad tracks dividing the town.

Before white settlement, Chinook Chief Nahcati's camp occupied a site just south of the Port of Peninsula boat basin.

Today the tiny village, rich in tradition and history, is a favorite spot for Peninsula residents and visitors who like their oysters fresh and their wine dry.

There's also a solid blue-collar feel to Nahcotta, coming from its status as a working port for the oyster industry on Willapa Bay. There's a state shellfish laboratory here, as well as a small interpretive park devoted to the bay.

Nahcotta's a great place to come and stroll around with a picnic lunch. Stop by The Ark for some fresh bread, buy some oysters, and find yourself a patch of grass to sit and soak up Willapa's pale blue light.

The Port of Peninsula

Port of Peninsula in Nahcotta, (360) 665-4547, has a public recreational boat ramp, moorage, and fuel. It's also a great spot to watch the oyster business in action.

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